S4:E24 Catholic Playlist – #175

Debut of The Mosleys

Catholic Playlist #175

We’re going a little bit folk with episode #175 of the Catholic Playlist this week, headlined by The Mosleys, our new featured artist. We chose “Brighter Days” from their first full length album Ordinary Time for their debut, which can be heard leading off the second segment of the show. We followed that up with “Help Me Mary” from Daniel Rolf and “Good Shepherd” from Brother Isaiah for a distinctly folk music vibe.

That music is sandwiched between performances from Out of Darkness, Marie Miller, Greg Walton, NOVUM and many others. Enjoy!

Song List
The Mosleys – “Brighter Days” Amazon iTunes
E.P.I.C. the Band – “Proclaim” Amazon iTunes
Out of Darkness – “You Are My Strength” Amazon iTunes
Wal – “Always and Everywhere” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Love Don’t Care” Amazon iTunes
Greg Walton – “Blessed the People” Amazon iTunes
Brother Isaiah – “Good Shepherd” Amazon iTunes
Daniel Rolf – “Help Me Mary” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Kroger – “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” Amazon iTunes
Marie Miller – “Stones You Throw” Amazon iTunes
NOVUM – “No Longer Slaves” Amazon iTunes
FOCUS Worship – “God Alone” Amazon iTunes

New Featured Artist: The Mosleys

The Mosleys

This week we’re pleased to introduce you to The Mosleys, our new featured artist this week in episode #175 of the Catholic Playlist. Hailing from Florida where they’re music ministers at their home parish, the married songwriting duo of Rachel and Stephen Mosley have managed to nurture their budding music careers while also nurturing their 5 young children.

It all started for them after winning an open mic competition at Zac Brown’s Southern Grounds in Senoia, Georgia. With their studio time prize they recorded their first EP, Beneath the Trees and Stars, in 2015 at Zac Brown’s Crow’s Nest Studio in Atlanta. Since then they’ve been busy playing festivals and stages, sharing the stage with such talent as Liz Longley, Harpeth Rising, and Air Supply, and many others.

The Mosleys Ordinary TimeTheir first full length album titled “Ordinary Time” was released in June 2017 following a successful PledgeMusic campaign. Produced by Phil Madeira and Jimmy Abegg (one of Rich Mullins’ ragamuffins by the way), the album is a slice of Americana folk that fans of the genre will enjoy right away.

And while their music isn’t expressly Catholic or religious in the sense of Christian music, it is certainly informed by their Catholic worldview and contains many themes that resonate with what it means to live the Christian life (You can say the same thing about Marie Miller’s latest album “Letterbox”).

To learn more about The Mosleys, check out their website – www.themosleysmusic.com. And don’t miss reading their blog too, which offers a poignant and sometimes hilarious look into the life of a traveling musical family.

S4:E22 Catholic Playlist Worship #102

Catholic Playlist Worship #102

Once again we’re pleased to bring you some of your favorite Catholic sacred and traditional music in this episode of Catholic Playlist Worship. “Te Deum” by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist is a definite highlight, as is Audrey Assad’s performance of “It Is Well With My Soul”. Kitty Cleveland, Fr Stan Fortuna, Collin Raye and Vince Ambrosetti also appear in this episode.

Song List

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist – “Te Deum” Amazon iTunes
Audrey Assad – “It Is Well With My Soul” Amazon iTunes
Collin Raye – “I Am The Bread Of Life” Amazon iTunes
Fr Stan Fortuna – “Gift of Finest Wheat” Amazon iTunes
Dan Schutte – “Here I Am, Lord (Anniversary Recording) Amazon iTunes
Friar Alessandro – “Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Holy, Holy, Holy” Amazon iTunes
Andrea Bocelli – “Stabat Mater” Amazon iTunes
Vince Ambrosetti – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Kitty Cleveland – “Adoro Te” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Tatum Ergo” Amazon iTunes
St Louis Jesuits – “Like A Shepherd” Amazon iTunes

S4:E23 Catholic Playlist – #174

New Music from John Finch, Pasquale Talarico and E.P.I.C the Band

Catholic Playlist #174

As regular listeners of the show you know we’re always looking for new music to showcase in each Catholic Playlist. This week we’re thrilled to have 4 new songs in the playlist! John Finch just released a new full length album titled “Wildfire”, and we picked the title track to debut in the playlist. E.P.I.C. the Band (“Proclaim”) and Pasquale Talarico (“All Things New”) each debut new singles, and we just discovered “Surrounded by Your Love”, a single by Greg&Lizzy released last year for Catholic Heart Workcamp. Other performers you’ll hear include those that didn’t make our guys and girls only playlists, but only because we lacked the time — Dave Moore, Audrey Assad, Jackie Bissin, Joe Zambon, Teresa Peterson and others.

Song List
Pasquale Talarico – “All Things New” (not available yet)
E.P.I.C. the Band – “Proclaim” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Wildfire” Amazon iTunes
Greg&Lizzy – “Surrounded by Your Love” Amazon iTunes
Teresa Peterson – “Calling Me Higher” Amazon iTunes
Josh Blakesley Band – “Sing Hallelujah” Amazon iTunes
Joe Zambon – “Coming Home” Amazon iTunes
Jackie Bissin – “Touch the Sky” Amazon iTunes
Dave Moore – “Arise” Amazon iTunes
Alob – “Resurrection” Amazon iTunes
Stefania Elsmore – “Lord Jesus Come” Amazon iTunes
Audrey Assad – “Even Unto Death” Amazon iTunes
Matt Faley – “On My Own” Amazon iTunes

S4:E21 Catholic Playlist Worship #101

Catholic Playlist Worship #101

We are back again this week with a new Catholic Playlist Worship show following our 100th episode. Happy to share music with your from the performers like the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles (“Holy God, We Praise Thy Name”), the Monks of Norcia (“Ave Maria Virgo Serena”) and Benedictio (“Holy Holy Holy”). Plenty of other great performers in the playlist as well, such as Lorraine Hess, Fr Stan Fortuna, Kitty Cleveland, John Michael Talbot, Kathleen Fowle, Jon Sarta and more.

Song List
Jon Niven – “Open the Eyes of My Heart” Amazon iTunes
Kathleen Fowle – “You Are My God” Amazon iTunes
The Monks of Norcia – “Ave Maria Virgo Serena” Amazon iTunes
John Michael Talbot – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Lorraine Hess – “Soul of Christ” Amazon iTunes
Kitty Cleveland – “You Are Near” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “We Remember” Amazon iTunes
Benedictio – “Holy Holy Holy” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Salve Regina” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “For All the Saints” Amazon iTunes
Fr Stan Fortuna – “Gift of Finest Wheat” Amazon iTunes
Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles – “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” Amazon iTunes

S4:E22 Catholic Playlist – #173

It's Guy's Only!

Catholic Playlist Show #173

It’s only fitting to follow up last week’s ladies only playlist with a guys only playlist this week. That’s exactly what we’ve done as we selected 13 of the most popular male contemporary Christian music artists of the last year. And like the ladies, we had to keep a few guys on the sidelines, notably Matt Faley, Adam Bitter, Brother Isaiah, Cody Roth, Dave Moore, Fr Rob Galea, Joe Zambon and more. Now if you listen to the entire playlist, you might notice that Josh Blakesley isn’t heard. Why? It’s because they are a band, a group, and in fact they are referred to as the Josh Blakesley Band. It’s a technicality probably, but it does give us more options to choose when doing a ‘Bands’ only playlist! That playlist may be coming your way soon. Getting back to Playlist #173, you’ll hear from Connor Flanagan, Dante Schmitz, John Finch, Ike Ndolo, Kyle Sinkule and more.

Song List
Ben Walther – “Ablaze” Amazon iTunes
Chris Bray – “King in His Kingdom” Amazon iTunes
Connor Flanagan – “Waterfall (feat. Shonlock)” Amazon iTunes
Dan Francis – “No Other Name” Amazon iTunes
Dante Schmitz – “Miracles” Amazon iTunes
Fr Kevin McGoldrick – “Oh God You Are My God” Amazon iTunes
Ike Ndolo – “Land of the Rising Sun” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Walk by Faith” Amazon iTunes
Kyle Sinkule – “Saul” Amazon iTunes
Mathias Michael – “Mystery” Available after signing up at his website
Matt Maher – “Your Love Defends Me” Amazon iTunes
PJ Anderson – “Rise” Amazon iTunes
Ricky Vazquez – “House of Cards” Amazon iTunes

S4:E20 Catholic Playlist Worship #100

Catholic Playlist Worship #100

We’ve reached an important milestone for the Catholic Playlist Worship show – our 100th episode! Roughly 3 years in the making, we attempted to select a wide variety of the sacred and traditional music so many of you love to listen to in this special playlist. We have Gregorian chant, choral music featuring the St Cecilia Choir of Girls and the WLP Choir, mesmerizing vocal harmonies from Voces8, and vocal ballads popular in modern mass settings from Vince Ambrosetti, Kitty Cleveland and Jon Niven.

Song List
Jon Niven – “Open the Eyes of My Heart” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Set Your Heart on the High Gifts” Amazon iTunes
Vince Ambrosetti – “Shepherd Me, O God” Amazon iTunes
Voces8 – “Miserere Mei” Amazon iTunes
“The Letters” Soundtrack – “Prayer of St Francis” Amazon iTunes
Annie Karto – “Hail Mary Gentle Woman” Amazon iTunes
Kitty Cleveland – “Refiners Fire” Amazon iTunes
John Rutter – “The Lord is My Light and My Salvation” Amazon iTunes
Edwin Fawcett – “Lord I Am Not Worthy” Amazon iTunes
St Cecilia Choir of Girls – “Pange Lingua” Amazon
Various – “E Canti Dell Anno Liturgico Te Deum Laudamus” Amazon iTunes

S4:E21 Catholic Playlist – #172

It's Ladies Only!

Catholic Playlist Show#172

Sharing the joy of the Gospel through the power of music – that’s what we do here on the Catholic Playlist show – a showcase of the best and very newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists only.

This week the music you’ll be hearing is from female artists only — it’s our first ever ‘Ladies Only’ playlist! This ought to be a lot of fun don’t you think? You know, a few years ago we might have had a bit of difficulty coming up with enough female only artists to fill the show without playing someone twice, but that’s not the case any more. In fact, we had to leave many female artists off the list, like Stefania Elsmore, Rebecca Roubion, Teresa Peterson, Sarah Kroger Quaglia, Jackie Francois Angel, Jackie Bissin, and others. I’ll have to make it up to them in a future playlist! But you will hear from Alanna Bourdreau, Sarah Hart, Marie Miller, Dana Catherine, Alverlis and so many more.

Check it out and share!

Song List
Alanna Boudreau – “Champion” iTunes
Jaime Thietten – “Surrendering” Amazon iTunes
Taylor Tripodi – “Here I Am” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Hart – “Joy in These Bones” Amazon iTunes
Tori Harris – “King of Kings” Amazon iTunes
Alverlis – “Love Changes Everthing” Amazon iTunes
Dana Catherine – “My Savior In Me” Amazon iTunes
Katy Blythe – “New & Free (feat. Connor Flanagan)” Amazon iTunes
His Own – “Nothing Can Separate Us” Amazon iTunes
Aly Aleigha – “Race Along (feat. Justin Kostecka)” Amazon iTunes
Marie Miller – “This Side of Paradise” Amazon iTunes
Danielle Noonan – “Undone” Amazon iTunes
Rita West – “Victor” Amazon iTunes

S4:E19 Catholic Playlist Worship #99

Catholic Playlist Worship #99

We’re now just one episode away from #100! It’s too early to celebrate, so the music continues on here in show #99 with great traditional Catholic music for our listeners. Included this week are selections from L’Angelus, John Michael Talbot, Dan Schutte, Jack Cassidy and more.

Be sure not to miss “How Great Thou Art” from Collin Raye, “Here I Am Lord” by Angelina, and “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” from Michael W Smith.

Song List
Angelina – “Here I Am Lord” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Oh God of Loveliness” Amazon iTunes
Collin Raye – “How Great Thou Art” Amazon iTunes
Michael W Smith – “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” Amazon iTunes
Dan Schutte – “You Are Near” Amazon iTunes
Gloriae Dei Cantores & Mary Berry – “Christus Resurgens” Amazon iTunes
Jack Cassidy – “Be Still My Soul” Amazon iTunes
Jackie Evancho – “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
John Michael Talbot – “We Are One Body” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “Blest Are They” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Jesus My Lord, My God, My All” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Come, Holy Spirit” Amazon iTunes

S4:E20 Catholic Playlist – #171

Catholic Playlist #171

A mix of new and old music can be found in our playlist for episode 20 of season 4 of the Catholic Playlist Show.

Some of the old (can anything really be called ‘old’ yet in Catholic contemporary music?) include 2 songs from Katy Blythe, one that’s very familiar in “New & Free”, and the other a surprisingly good song that deserves air time in “Curls.” Other older songs come from Aly Aleigha, Emily Wilson and Fr Kevin McGoldrick. New music includes Rita West’s “Chosen”, Brother Isaiah’s “Jacob’s Song” and “Arrow” from LEVV.

And finally, Teresa Peterson reminds us that old or new, when we’re in Christ, “He Makes All Things New.”

Song List
Aly Aleigha – “You Are” Amazon iTunes
Brother Isaiah – “Jacob’s Song” Amazon iTunes
Dan Francis – “Jesus” Amazon iTunes
Emily Wilson Hussem – “Beautiful and Yours” Amazon iTunes
Josh Blakesley Band – “Even In This” Amazon iTunes
Katy Blythe – “Curls”, “New & Free” Amazon iTunes
Fr Kevin McGoldrick – “Oh God You Are My God” Amazon iTunes
LEVV – “Arrow” Amazon iTunes
Rita West – “Chosen” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Kroger – “This Is My Story” Amazon iTunes
Teresa Peterson – “He Makes All Things New” Amazon iTunes