S4:E18 Catholic Playlist Worship #98

Catholic Playlist Worship #98

Sarah Holthusen joins the playlist this week as we play “Only a Shadow” from her album “Until I Rest in You.” We hope you also enjoy selections from The Glory Collective, Twila Paris and Lorraine Hess. And for those with a more ‘classical’ music preference, we have Voces8, Simonetta & FourEver and the Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz.

Song List
Sarah Holthusen – “Only a Shadow” Amazon iTunes
The Glory Collective – “King of Love (feat Haylee Mitchell)” Amazon iTunes
The Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz – “Responsorium Libera Me” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Hart – “Come, True Light” Amazon iTunes
Vince Ambrosetti – “Come, You Who Labor” Amazon iTunes
Voces8 – “Miserere Mei” Amazon iTunes
Lorraine Hess – “Soul of Christ” Amazon iTunes
Simonetta & FourEver – “Attende Domine” Amazon iTunes
Cambridge Singers – “I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes” Amazon iTunes
Twila Paris – “How Beautiful” Amazon iTunes
Catholic Classics – “We Remember” Amazon iTunes
Melinda Kirigin-Voss – “On Eagles Wings” Amazon iTunes

What’s This Show All About?

Bringing beauty, truth and joy into a broken world

Why Do the Show?

Catholic Playlist Show

Our first logo/icon

Believe it or not, the Catholic Playlist show got its start in July 2013 and to date we’ve now produced 170 episodes of the flagship contemporary show. A long time ago when building this website I published the About the Show page to inform curious visitors about the Catholic Playlist show. While revisiting the About page recently I noticed you won’t find my motivation to continue producing new shows. Yes, it’s fun to discover new music and the show seems to play an important role in getting music to reach more ears and touch more lives. But is this reason enough to leave home after a long day at my full-time job, go to an empty radio studio at 8pm on a week night to record and produce the show, and finally come home at 1am or 2am or even later with a finished show? The 3-4+ hours to produce each show doesn’t include the time to do the graphics, writing podcast and website posts, social media campaigns and more. There’s nothing glamorous about the work and the donations we get for the show barely covers the cost of the music. So I don’t do it for the fame or the money.

Then I came across this post from Danielle Noonan, a talented singer and songwriter who’s been heard many times in the Catholic Playlist:

“I never in a million years envisioned myself being a wife, mom and full time musician. All of those things separately, yes, but if you know me personally, balancing things can be somewhat of a messy and comical experience…for me. So my most recent question to some of my closest friends is why are we doing this? Why, above all things, are we creatives for the church? I don’t ask because I think it’s not worth it but because deep down there’s nothing else we’d rather do more than create beauty for the church and that’s insane. Let’s be honest. Real talk here…There’s nothing glamorous about being a musician in the church. When I travel, especially alone, it’s well…lonely. Who loves airports, being away from their family, not hanging out with their friends, getting calls your kiddos are sick, or you missed a party or school performance. No one in their right mind wakes up one morning and thinks, “hey, you know what, I really don’t want to hang out with my husband and kiddos today so I’m gonna take the red eye and sleep on a couch.” It’s ridiculous, but as a creative, especially a creative in the church we are fighting for our church. We’re fighting to bring beauty, truth and joy into a world that’s broken and not just for the young church but for everyone. We’re fighting for generations who’ve been shown that what they can produce through their hands holds more value than what is produced within their own hearts. Where’s that gotten us? It’s our job as creatives to not just bring beauty to the church but to bring beauty out of it. We can all be mirrors of God’s beauty, love, and redemption and as a creative, meeting people where they are and sharing our music and testimonies gives all of our hearts a chance to be broken just a little more so we all mirror Him.”

And so I’ve found my reason. It’s to “bring beauty, truth and joy into a world that’s broken” – beauty created by talented creatives like Danielle who need an outlet to share their music and testimonies. That’s why I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours listening to music and assembling the best playlists I can with the best and newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists only. The slogan I’ve used for a long time says it well – “Sharing the joy of the Gospel through the power of music!”

And now a question for you: Why do you enjoy listening to the Catholic Playlist show? What do you get from it?

Use the comments section below to share. Thanks!

S4:E19 Catholic Playlist Show – #170

New Music from Dante Schmitz

Catholic Playlist Show #170

Dante Schmitz Of The HillsHeadlining this week’s episode of the Catholic Playlist is Dante Schmitz and the release of his new album “Of The Hills”. Available in June 2017, “Of The Hills” is an 8 song EP of original music and arrangements that current fans of his music will thoroughly enjoy. This well produced and great sounding album gave us several songs to choose from, including “Our Father”, “Come as You Are” and “Miracles”. But after much debate we picked “Victory” to debut in the playlist. Learn more about Dante and his music at danteschmitz.com, and check out his video productions at Novena Films too.

Returning this week is Matt Maher with his new single “Your Love Defends Me”, as does John Finch with “Walk by Faith.” Connor Flanagan teams with a boyhood idol of his in Shonlock to bring us “Waterfall”, and Jackie Bissin covers Hillsong United’s “Oceans” too. Other performers in episode #170 include Marie Miller, Mathias Michael, Taylor Tripodi, Of The Tower, and Tori Harris with her debut hit all the way back in 2013, “Face to Face.”

Song List
Dante Schmitz – “Victory” Amazon iTunes
Connor Flanagan – “Waterfall (feat Shonlock)” Amazon iTunes
Francis Cabildo – “Depth of my Heart” Amazon iTunes
Jackie Bissin – “Oceans” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Walk By Faith” Amazon iTunes
John Trabbic – “The Journey” Amazon iTunes
Marie Miller – “This Side of Paradise” Amazon iTunes
Mathias Michael – “Mystery” Available after signing up at his website
Matt Maher – “You Love Defends Me” Amazon iTunes
Mikey Needleman – “Starlight” Amazon iTunes
Of The Tower – “Follow You” Amazon iTunes
Taylor Tripodi – “Here I Am” Amazon iTunes
Tori Harris – “Face to Face” Amazon iTunes

Matt Maher You Love Defends MeEight-time GRAMMY® nominated artist Matt Maher released a new single, “Your Love Defends Me” in June 2017. We debuted it in our show last week and we’re pleased to share the official lyric video. The performance video will be released soon and we’ll post it when it becomes available.

To give you some insight and the inspiration for the song, Matt had this to share:

“This song comes out of Psalm 91, and the idea of God being not a refuge, but our ONLY refuge. I think we can all relate to moments in our lives where who we were (or who we’ll become) comes crashing to the forefront of who we are, and all of a sudden there’s this fight happening inside for who gets control – the past or the future or the present moment now. When you combine that with a social media context that is always recording and documenting everything, it lives on in perpetuity either as an accusation or as a testimony. To put it simply – evil is in the business of accusation but God is in the business of raising up testimony – of who He is and what He’s done. This song talks about how God is a defender. How the love of God is not just a defense, but it’s really the only defense we have that can stand against the inconsistency of ourselves. God is your defense and what He says about you is what matters. That’s what stays.”

You can catch Matt in concert in August at “An Evening with Matt Maher & Audrey Assad” in Fresno, CA and headlines the AbbeyFest on September 16 in Paoli, PA.

S4:E18 Catholic Playlist Show – #169

New Music from Matt Maher, John Finch

Catholic Playlist Show #169

A new single from Matt Maher headlines this episode of the Catholic Playlist Show. “Your Love Defends Me” is the latest from Matt Maher and we’re pleased to put it up first in the playlist. That’s followed by more new music – a single from John Finch titled “Walk by Faith” and “Thrive” from Dave More. “Thrive” comes from an album released by Dave in January 2017 that we just stumbled across this week.

Other music in the playlist comes from Ike Ndolo, Rita West, NOVUM, Joe Zambon and many more.

Song List
Matt Maher – “Your Love Defends Me” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Walk by Faith” Amazon iTunes
Dave Moore – “Thrive” Amazon iTunes
Audrey Assad – “Even Unto Death” Amazon iTunes
Ben Walther – “Ablaze” Amazon iTunes
Ceili Rain – “If It’s Your Will” Amazon iTunes
FOCUS Worship – “God Alone” Amazon iTunes
Fr Rob Galea – “No Greater Love” Amazon iTunes
Greg&Lizzy – “Cathedral” Amazon iTunes
Ike Ndolo – “Make It Loud” Amazon iTunes
Joe Zambon – “Coming Home” Amazon iTunes
NOVUM – “No Longer Slaves” Amazon iTunes
PJ Anderson – “Your Grace is Amazing” Amazon iTunes
Rita West – “Victor” Amazon iTunes

Catholic Playlist Worship #96 & #97

Catholic Playlist Worship #96 #97

Listening to sacred and traditional music offers a great way to pray and prepare for celebrating the Holy Mass. The Catholic Playlist Worship show offers a playlist each week of music that we hope can bring you peace and inspiration.

We have 2 episodes to release this week. First is #96, which has selections from L’Angelus, John Michael Talbot, Dan Schutte, Jack Cassidy and more. Be sure not to miss “Ave Maria” performed by Jackie Evancho, “How Great Thou Art” from Collin Raye, and “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace” by Dana.

Next is #97, with performances by Matt Maher, Edwin Fawcett, Anna Nuzzo, Kathleen Fowle, Dan Schutte, Collin Raye and many more.

Song List
Kathleen Fowle – “We Cry Holy Gently You Call” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “The Cry of the Poor” Amazon iTunes
Kitty Cleveland – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Anna Nuzzo – “Memorare” Amazon iTunes
Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles – “Duo Seraphim” Amazon iTunes
Dana – “Peace Is Flowing Like a River”, “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace” Amazon iTunes
Collin Raye – “I Am the Bread of Life”, “How Great Thou Art” Amazon iTunes
Jackie Evancho – “The Lord’s Prayer”, “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
Dan Schutte – “You Are Near” Amazon iTunes
Edwin Fawcett – “Lord I Am Not Worthy” Amazon iTunes
Matt Maher – “Remembrance (Communion Song)” Amazon iTunes
Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola and Mary Berry – “Responsory: Christus Resurgens” Amazon iTunes
Jack Cassidy – “Be Still My Soul” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Oh God of Loveliness” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “Blest Are They” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Jesus My Lord, My God, My All” Amazon iTunes
The Glory Collective – “King of Love (feat Haylee Mitchell)” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Come, Holy Spirit (Veni Sancte Spiritus)” Amazon iTunes

S4:E17 Catholic Playlist Show – #168

Catholic Playlist #168

Sharing the joy of the Gospel is the mission of the Catholic Playlist Show and it continues with this episode of powerful and inspirational music. There’s something here for everyone’s taste, from the hauntingly powerful “Dismantled by Love” by Alanna Boudreau, to the rocking “The Walls” by Dan Francis, to the soaring pop vides from E.P.I.C. the Band in “My Eyes”.

Song List
Alanna Boudreau – “Dismantled by Love” iTunes
Benjamin Jude – “All I Am Is Yours” Amazon iTunes
Chris Bray – “In the Name” Amazon iTunes
Dan Francis – “The Walls” Amazon iTunes
Danielle Noonan – “Undone” Amazon iTunes
Dante Schmitz – “Everything” Amazon iTunes
E.P.I.C. the Band – “My Eyes” Amazon iTunes
His Own – “Nothing Can Separate Us” Amazon iTunes
Kyle Sinkule – “I Am” Amazon iTunes
Out of Darkness – “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” Amazon iTunes
Ricky Vazquez – “House of Cards” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Hart – “Source and Yield” Amazon iTunes
Stefania Elsmore – “Uncommon King” Amazon iTunes

Welcome RED-C Catholic Radio!

RED-C Catholic RadioWe’re so excited to announce that RED-C Catholic Radio is now broadcasting the Catholic Playlist! You can hear the Catholic Playlist show Saturday afternoons at 5pm Central on KEDC 88.5FM in Bryan/College Station, TX and KYAR 98.3FM in Waco, TX.

Please join us in welcoming the new listeners of RED-C Catholic Radio!

S4:E16 Catholic Playlist Show – #167

Rita West Makes Her Debut

Catholic Playlist Show #167

This week’s episode of the Catholic Playlist Show continues our recent run of new artists and music making their debuts in the show. Last week was Brother Isaiah in episode #166, Daniel Rolf in episode #164, and sandwiched between was the new album release of Marie Miller in episode #165. This week it’s Rita West joining the Catholic Playlist in epsiode #167 as our new featured artist.

Rita West - ChosenIf you’ve listened to the show for a while you’ve heard her singing before. In April 2016 Rita and John Finch co-wrote and recorded “Heart of Mercy”, a single we’ve played many times over the last year and now Rita has released her own album Chosen, an EP with six original songs. We’ll debut “Victor”, the first track from EP, in the playlist.

Michael James Mette released a new full length album a couple week ago titled “Between the Lines” and you’ll hear his song “Higher” later on in the playlist. Other great songs can be heard from Brother Isaiah, Marie Miller, Matt Faley, John Finch, WAL, Dana Catherine, and others.

Song List
Rita West – “Victor” Amazon iTunes
Michael James Mette – “Higher” Amazon iTunes
Matt Faley – “Here I Am” Amazon iTunes
Alob & Emily Wilson – “Mercy Wins” Amazon iTunes
Aly Aleigha – “Awestruck” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Heart of Mercy (feat Rita West) Amazon iTunes
Brother Isaiah – “Jacob’s Song” Amazon iTunes
Dana Catherine – “My Savior in Me” Amazon iTunes
WAL – “In the Name of the Father” Amazon iTunes
Marie Miller – “Two to One” Amazon iTunes
Matt Maher & Audrey Assad – “Oh Mercy” Amazon iTunes
Kevin Heider – “The Great Flood (feat Alanna Boudreau)” Amazon iTunes
Steve Angrisano – “A Rightful Place” Amazon iTunes

S4:E15 Catholic Playlist Worship #95

Catholic Playlist Worship #95

Catholic Playlist Worship episode #95 offers another opportunity to enjoy great sacred and traditional music. You’ll enjoy Angelina with “Servant Song”, John Rutter with “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation” and then a rousing rendition of “Christ Be Our Light” from Bernadette Farrell and collaborators. These songs are joined by familiar favorites from performers like Jon Sarta, Kitty Cleveland, Michelle Romary, and the WLP Choir.

Song List
Bernadette Farrell, et al. – “Christ Be Our Light” Amazon iTunes
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist – “Te Deum” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Tantum Ergo” Amazon iTunes
Kitty Cleveland – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “Eye Has Not Seen” Amazon iTunes
Angelina – “Servant Song” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Panis Angelicus – Jesus, Our Living Bread” Amazon iTunes
Michelle Romary – “Go In Peace” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Jesus My Lord, My God, My All” Amazon iTunes
Steve Angrisano, Tom Tomaszek – “Psalm 40: Here Am I, Lord” Amazon iTunes
The Letters Soundtrack – “Agnus Dei” Amazon iTunes
John Rutter – “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation” Amazon iTunes