S4:E15 Catholic Playlist Worship #95

Catholic Playlist Worship #95

Catholic Playlist Worship episode #95 offers another opportunity to enjoy great sacred and traditional music. You’ll enjoy Angelina with “Servant Song”, John Rutter with “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation” and then a rousing rendition of “Christ Be Our Light” from Bernadette Farrell and collaborators. These songs are joined by familiar favorites from performers like Jon Sarta, Kitty Cleveland, Michelle Romary, and the WLP Choir.

Song List
Bernadette Farrell, et al. – “Christ Be Our Light” Amazon iTunes
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist – “Te Deum” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Tantum Ergo” Amazon iTunes
Kitty Cleveland – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “Eye Has Not Seen” Amazon iTunes
Angelina – “Servant Song” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Panis Angelicus – Jesus, Our Living Bread” Amazon iTunes
Michelle Romary – “Go In Peace” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Jesus My Lord, My God, My All” Amazon iTunes
Steve Angrisano, Tom Tomaszek – “Psalm 40: Here Am I, Lord” Amazon iTunes
The Letters Soundtrack – “Agnus Dei” Amazon iTunes
John Rutter – “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation” Amazon iTunes

New Featured Artist: Rita West

Rita West

We’re pleased to introduce you to Rita West, our new featured artist this week! If you’ve been listening to the Catholic Playlist for a while you’ve heard her singing before. In April 2016 Rita and John Finch co-wrote and recorded “Heart of Mercy”, a single that speaks to the longing of every human heart for safety and love. We’ve played it many times over the last year and now Rita has released her own EP album “Chosen”, a six original song EP that’s available now everywhere.

According to the bio on her website, ritawest.com, she “grew up in a family of eleven children in New Orleans, Louisiana, where most of her childhood memories were centered around music. But it wasn’t until after high school, when she served as a missionary with NET Ministries that she learned how to play guitar and realized that God had given her a gift that she couldn’t keep to herself.”

“As her love for leading worship grew, the Lord instilled a desire in her to speak and give witness to the deep, personal love that God the Father has for each human person. Since 2010, she’s led worship and spoken around the country for retreats, summer camps, nights of worship, and mission trips for people of all ages. The prayer of her ministry is that, by sharing the truth and power of God’s love through music and witness, others would be brought into a relationship with the Father, where freedom and healing await.”

Please join us in welcoming Rita West to the Catholic Playlist! Catch her debut as we play “Victor” in Catholic Playlist #167, available June 1, 2017.

Follow Rita:

Find her new music here: Amazon iTunes Play

S4:E15 Catholic Playlist Show – #166

Hear Debuts of His Own and Brother Isaiah

Catholic Playlist #166

Discovering great new music and artists has been part of our mission here the Catholic Playlist for nearly 4 years. The list of discoveries keeps growing this week as we have two performers in our playlist – His Own and Brother Isaiah.

His Own Separate Us SingleThe trio of Kara Klein, Maria Spears and Christine Simpson make up the new group called His Own. These three ladies have come together to “combine their love for Jesus, passion for music and desire to proclaim the joy of the feminine heart.” Learn more about them and what they’re doing in their ministry at their website – www.behisown.com. Their first album was just released and we play a single they put out earlier this year – “Nothing Can Separate Us”.

Brother Isaiah BroomstickBrother Isaiah is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal who released an EP titled “Broomstick” last year. We just came across his music and we’re pleased to share “Jacob’s Song” from that EP. A portion of all the proceeds from the sale of his music go to help mothers in need of assistance – so us these links to Amazon and iTunes to buy his music to ensure they get full credit. And this page features a video of the song produced by Spirit Juice Studios, who do amazing work.

Song List
His Own – “Nothing Can Separate Us” Amazon iTunes
Brother Isaiah – “Jacob’s Song” Amazon iTunes
Adam Bitter – “Rest In God Alone” Amazon iTunes
Rebecca Rubion – “Anywhere I Go” Amazon iTunes
Katy Blythe – “Curls” Amazon iTunes
Teresa Peterson – “He Makes All Things New” Amazon iTunes
Lee Roessler – “How Sweet the Sound” Amazon iTunes
Alverlis – “Love Changes Everything” Amazon iTunes
Ike Ndolo – “Memorial” Amazon iTunes
Jackie Bissin – “Touch the Sky” Amazon iTunes
Jaime Thietten – “Chasing Me” Amazon iTunes
Connor Flanagan – “Strong Is Your Love” Amazon iTunes
Josh Blakesley Band – “Revive Us” Amazon iTunes

S4:E14 Catholic Playlist Worship #94

Catholic Playlist Worship #94

We love putting together a playlist of these sacred and traditional hymns and songs each week here on the Catholic Playlist Worship show. It’s been a long time since we included Benedictio in the playlist, and this week they make a return with “Holy Holy Holy”, and there’s plenty of other great performers in the playlist too, such as Fr Stan Fortuna, Kitty Cleveland, John Michael Talbot, Kathleen Fowle, Jon Sarta and more.

Song List
Jon Niven – “Open the Eyes of My Heart” Amazon iTunes
Kathleen Fowle – “You Are My God” Amazon iTunes
The Monks of Norcia – “Ave Maria Virgo Serena” Amazon iTunes
John Michael Talbot – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Lorraine Hess – “Soul of Christ” Amazon iTunes
Kitty Cleveland – “You Are Near” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “We Remember” Amazon iTunes
Benedictio – “Holy Holy Holy” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Salve Regina” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “For All the Saints” Amazon iTunes
Fr Stan Fortuna – “Gift of Finest Wheat” Amazon iTunes
Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles – “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” Amazon iTunes

Mathias Michael released a new video today for his single “Mystery”, featuring fellow artist Dana Catherine on background vocals. Learn more about Mathias and pickup his music at his website www.mmichaelmusic.com

S4:E14 Catholic Playlist Show – #165

Catholic Playlist #165

It’s the power of some of the best and newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists that let’s the joy of the Gospel reach every listener’s ears! We have a great playlist assembled again for you this week. Our new featured artist from last week, Daniel Rolf, returns with another song from his EP “Turn to Mercy”, along with Chris Bray, Mathias Michael, Shaun Garrison, Tori Harris and others.

Marie Miller LetterboxWe also debut a song from Marie Miller’s new album! “Letterbox” is a 12 song album that is terrific from top to bottom, starting with “This Side of Paradise”, a song we’ve been featuring on our playlists since its release as a single. While the album is a pop album and not a Christian music album, it does tackle some important Christian themes and truths that we want to share. The bottom line is her music is just too good not to play! We lead off the playlist with “Two to One”, song about the truth of marriage.

If you’ve been a regular listener of the Catholic Playlist, you know it’s music showcase featuring a variety of music. But lately we’ve been thinking of producing a Top 10 countdown show once a month. What do you think? Would you like to hear a Top 10 Catholic Playlist Countdown every month? Vote here and give your thoughts in the comments.

Song List
Marie Miller – “Two to One” Amazon iTunes
Chris Bray – “King in His Kingdom” Amazon iTunes
Ben Walther – “Ablaze” Amazon iTunes
Daniel Rolf – “Turn to Mercy” Amazon iTunes
Dee Simone – “lovesick” Amazon iTunes
EPIC Band – “My Eyes” Amazon iTunes
Mathias Michael – “Live It Out Loud” Amazon iTunes
Mikey Needleman – “All For You” Amazon iTunes
Shaun Garrison – “Exceeding” Amazon iTunes
Taylor Tripodi – “Here I Am” Amazon iTunes
Tori Harris – “Fields of Gold” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Kroger – “This Is My Story” Amazon iTunes

S4:E13 Catholic Playlist Worship #93

Catholic Playlist Worship #93

Listen to some of your favorite Catholic sacred and traditional music in this episode of Catholic Playlist Worship. As we noted last week, the month of May is dedicated to Our Lady and we’ve got a couple more marian songs in the playlist – “Sing of Mary” featuring Kevin Heider and “Ave Maria” performed by Collin Raye. Other great music includes “Be Thou My Vision” from Shaun Garrison, “Amazing Grace” by The Priests, and “Anima Christi” from Donna Cori Gibson.

Song List
Shaun Garrison – “Be Thou My Vision” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “Alleluia, Let the Holy Anthem Rise” Amazon iTunes
The Glory Collective – “Sing of Mary (feat. Kevin Heider)” Amazon iTunes
The Priests – “Amazing Grace” Amazon iTunes
Collin Raye – “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
Shawn Williams – “Redemption” Amazon iTunes
Dawn Dinome – “Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place” Amazon iTunes
Marian Grace – “Sweet Sacrament” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Panis Angelicus” Amazon iTunes
Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles – “Palestrina: Alleluia Ye Sons” Amazon iTunes
Melinda Kirigin-Voss – “On Eagle’s Wings” Amazon iTunes
Donna Cori Gibson – “Anima Christi” Amazon iTunes
St Louis Jesuits – “Turn to Me” Amazon iTunes

If you’ve been a regular listener of the Catholic Playlist, you know it’s music showcase featuring a variety of music. But lately we’ve been thinking of producing a Top 10 countdown show once a month. What do you think? Vote and then share your comments. We’d love to know what you think!

S4:E13 Catholic Playlist Show – #164

Daniel Rolf debuts, New music from PJ Anderson

Catholic Playlist Show #164

It’s the month dedicated to the Blessed Mother and to mark the occasion we’ve put together a special playlist this week featuring music about Mary. The songs about Mary come from Connor Flanagan, Danielle Rose, Kevin Heider, Jesse Manibusan, Fr Kevin McGoldrick, The Thirsting, Matt Faley and Daniel Rolf, a new artist to the playlist.

daniel-rolf-turn-to-mercyYou don’t want to miss “Help Me Mary” from Daniel, heard in the second segment of the show.

We also have the latest single ‘Victorious’ from PJ Anderson, which is perfect for the Easter season. And last but not least is ‘Arrow’ from LEVV, a collaboration of Audrey Assad and Seth Jones. While it’s not her typical stuff, it still feels very much like praise and worship music. Check it out in the second segment of the show and let us know what you think.

Song List:
Daniel Rolf – “Help Me Mary” Amazon iTunes
PJ Anderson – “Victorious” Amazon iTunes
LEVV – “Arrow” Amazon iTunes
Matt Faley – “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
Connor Flanagan – “Sweet Maria” Amazon
Danielle Rose – “Mary’s Heart” Amazon iTunes
Kevin Heider – “Sing of Mary” Amazon iTunes
Fr Kevin McGoldrick – “Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue” Amazon iTunes
Jesse Manibusan – “Maria”
The Thirsting – “Come Hold My Son” Amazon iTunes
Matt Maher – “Deliverer” Amazon iTunes
Emily Wilson – “Beautiful and Yours” Amazon iTunes
Francis Cabildo – “We’ve Come Alive” Amazon iTunes

S4:E12 Catholic Playlist Worship #92

Songs Featuring Our Lady!

Catholic Playlist Worship #92

The calendar has rolled around to the month of May, the month dedicated to our Blessed Mother. We put together this special playlist to start off the month featuring all songs about Mary! This playlist features a couple of artists not normally heard on the Worship show, notably Fr Kevin McGoldrick (“Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue”) and Matt Faley (“Ave Maria”). We think you’ll enjoy those plus selections from Michelle Romary (“Lady of Knock”), WLP Choir (“Immaculate Mary”, On This Day, O Beautiful Mother”), L’Angelus (“Sing of Mary”) and many, many more!

Song List

Jackie Evancho – “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
Beth Nielsen Chapman – “O Sanctissima” Amazon iTunes
Marian Grace – “Ave Maris Stella” Amazon iTunes
Jon Niven – “Hail Mary; Gentle Woman” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Sing of Mary” Amazon iTunes
Matt Faley – “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
Fr Kevin McGoldrick – “Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue” Amazon iTunes
The Monks of Norcia – “Sancta Et Immaculata” Amazon iTunes
Voces8 – “Mother of God, Here I Stand” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “Sing We of the Blessed Mother” Amazon iTunes
Michelle Romary – “Lady of Knock” Amazon iTunes
Anna Nuzzo – “Memorare” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “On This Day, O Beautiful Mother” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Immaculate Mary” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Bring Flowers of the Fairest” Amazon iTunes