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Every day, God uses Catholic radio stations to make a difference in millions of lives. By providing great contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists, the Catholic Playlist show helps people draw closer to God and his Church.

The Catholic Playlist is a production of Holy Family Communications, Inc, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization, which relies on the support of generous donors and its underwriters for its operating expenses. Without them and their financial support, this show would not be possible.

If you enjoy listening to the Catholic Playlist and believe in its mission to bring great contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists to listeners everywhere, consider taking a step of faith and enable us to continue the mission and making a positive difference in our world.

Your support will go to Holy Family Communications and will be used to cover the expenses of producing a weekly radio show – buying new music, music licensing, studio time, voice work, production, marketing and distribution. Any support we receive in excess of our needs, which we continually pray for, will go towards our bigger goals, such as staging concert events.

Because we’re a non-profit charity, it’s likely that any donation you make to Holy Family Communications is a tax-deductible charitable donation. However since we aren’t tax experts and everyone’s situation is different, you should consult your tax advisor on the deducitibility of your donation.

You can make your best gift online with a credit/debit card:

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