S4:E14 Catholic Playlist Show – #165

Catholic Playlist #165

It’s the power of some of the best and newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists that let’s the joy of the Gospel reach every listener’s ears! We have a great playlist assembled again for you this week. Our new featured artist from last week, Daniel Rolf, returns with another song from his EP “Turn to Mercy”, along with Chris Bray, Mathias Michael, Shaun Garrison, Tori Harris and others.

Marie Miller LetterboxWe also debut a song from Marie Miller’s new album! “Letterbox” is a 12 song album that is terrific from top to bottom, starting with “This Side of Paradise”, a song we’ve been featuring on our playlists since its release as a single. While the album is a pop album and not a Christian music album, it does tackle some important Christian themes and truths that we want to share. The bottom line is her music is just too good not to play! We lead off the playlist with “Two to One”, song about the truth of marriage.

If you’ve been a regular listener of the Catholic Playlist, you know it’s music showcase featuring a variety of music. But lately we’ve been thinking of producing a Top 10 countdown show once a month. What do you think? Would you like to hear a Top 10 Catholic Playlist Countdown every month? Vote here and give your thoughts in the comments.

Song List
Marie Miller – “Two to One” Amazon iTunes
Chris Bray – “King in His Kingdom” Amazon iTunes
Ben Walther – “Ablaze” Amazon iTunes
Daniel Rolf – “Turn to Mercy” Amazon iTunes
Dee Simone – “lovesick” Amazon iTunes
EPIC Band – “My Eyes” Amazon iTunes
Mathias Michael – “Live It Out Loud” Amazon iTunes
Mikey Needleman – “All For You” Amazon iTunes
Shaun Garrison – “Exceeding” Amazon iTunes
Taylor Tripodi – “Here I Am” Amazon iTunes
Tori Harris – “Fields of Gold” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Kroger – “This Is My Story” Amazon iTunes

S4:E13 Catholic Playlist Show – #164

Daniel Rolf debuts, New music from PJ Anderson

Catholic Playlist Show #164

It’s the month dedicated to the Blessed Mother and to mark the occasion we’ve put together a special playlist this week featuring music about Mary. The songs about Mary come from Connor Flanagan, Danielle Rose, Kevin Heider, Jesse Manibusan, Fr Kevin McGoldrick, The Thirsting, Matt Faley and Daniel Rolf, a new artist to the playlist.

daniel-rolf-turn-to-mercyYou don’t want to miss “Help Me Mary” from Daniel, heard in the second segment of the show.

We also have the latest single ‘Victorious’ from PJ Anderson, which is perfect for the Easter season. And last but not least is ‘Arrow’ from LEVV, a collaboration of Audrey Assad and Seth Jones. While it’s not her typical stuff, it still feels very much like praise and worship music. Check it out in the second segment of the show and let us know what you think.

Song List:
Daniel Rolf – “Help Me Mary” Amazon iTunes
PJ Anderson – “Victorious” Amazon iTunes
LEVV – “Arrow” Amazon iTunes
Matt Faley – “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
Connor Flanagan – “Sweet Maria” Amazon
Danielle Rose – “Mary’s Heart” Amazon iTunes
Kevin Heider – “Sing of Mary” Amazon iTunes
Fr Kevin McGoldrick – “Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue” Amazon iTunes
Jesse Manibusan – “Maria”
The Thirsting – “Come Hold My Son” Amazon iTunes
Matt Maher – “Deliverer” Amazon iTunes
Emily Wilson – “Beautiful and Yours” Amazon iTunes
Francis Cabildo – “We’ve Come Alive” Amazon iTunes

S4:E12 Catholic Playlist Show – #163

New Music from Matt Maher & Audrey Assad

Catholic Playlist Show #163

New music from Matt Maher & Audrey Assad leads off our playlist this week in Episode #163. “Oh Mercy” is featured on a new album released by Stu Garrard and Matt and Audrey don’t disappoint. NOVUM offers a cover of Bethel’s “No Longer Slaves” on their new EP “From the Ground” and in the playlist, plus fans of music with a hip-hop vibe will dig “Waterfall” from Connor Flanagan. So many great songs can be found in the playlist too from Kyle Sinkule, Aly Aly Aleigha, Alanna Boudreau, Danielle Noonan and others.

Song List
Matt Maher & Audrey Assad – “Oh Mercy” Amazon iTunes
NOVUM – “No Longer Slaves” Amazon iTunes
Connor Flanagan – “Waterfall” Amazon iTunes
Alanna Boudreau – “Dismantled by Love” iTunes
Ricky Vazquez – “House of Cards” Amazon iTunes
Out of Darkness – “Of the Fathers Love Begotten” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Hart – “Joy in These Bones” Amazon iTunes
Danielle Noonan – “Undone” Amazon iTunes
Kyle Sinkule – “Saul” Amazon iTunes
Aly Aleigha – “Race Along” Amazon iTunes
FOCUS Worship – “Help My Unbelief” Amazon iTunes
Greg&Lizzy – “Who I Am” Amazon iTunes

S4:E11 Catholic Playlist Show – #162

It's Easter Season!

Catholic Playlist #162

We let the alleluias flow this week following our Easter celebration a week ago, signaling the end of Lent and transition to the Easter season. Like we’ve done in the past, we lead off with Cooper Ray’s energetic performance of “Sing Alleluia” and then follow it up with “Sing” from Dan Francis. We’d be remiss if we didn’t include John Finch and Andrea Thomas with a couple of songs from last year’s Vigil Project Series #1 album, and Teresa Peterson reminds us that “He Makes All Things New”. Other artists appearing this week include Marie Miller (she’s got a new album coming out next week!), Fr Kevin McGoldrick, Stefania Elsmore, Emily Wilson, PJ Anderson and more.

Song List
Cooper Ray – “Sing Alleluia” Website
Dan Francis – “Sing” Amazon iTunes
Andrea Thomas – “He Rose Again” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “I Have Seen The Lord” Amazon iTunes
Teresa Peterson – “He Makes All Things New” Amazon iTunes
Marie Miller – “This Side of Paradise” Amazon iTunes
Stefania Elsmore – “Uncommon King” Amazon iTunes
Fr Kevin McGoldrick – “Jesus You Are Beautiful” Amazon iTunes
Dave Moore – “Promise Land” Amazon iTunes
PJ Anderson – “Mercy Mercy” Amazon iTunes
Emily Wilson – “Beautiful and Yours” Amazon iTunes
Kara Klein – “Way Maker” Amazon iTunes
Ike Ndolo – “Land of the Rising Sun” Amazon iTunes

S4:E10 Catholic Playlist Show – #161

Catholic Playlist #161

We start out this week’s episode with a subdued tone that rises to a rousing finish. We start with ballads from Andrea Thomas, Alverlis, Audrey Assad and end with songs from Out of Darkness and Josh Blakesley. Other artists you’ll hear in between include Sarah Kroger, Curtis Stephan, Steve Angrisano, Taylor Tripodi, and Dana Catherine with a track from her first album, “Glorious Horizons”.

Song List
Dana Catherine – “Glorious Horizons” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Kroger – “I Will Pour Out My Heart” Amazon iTunes
Chris Bray – “King in His Kingdom” Amazon iTunes
Andrea Thomas – “Crying Out to You” Amazon iTunes
Curtis Stephan – “Rest in God Alone (Psalm 62) Amazon iTunes
Steve Angrisano – “A Rightful Place” Amazon iTunes
Taylor Tripodi – “Forgiven” Amazon iTunes
Out of Darkness – “Let Your Light Shine” Amazon iTunes
Alverlis – “Trade My Will” Amazon iTunes
Audrey Assad – “Even Unto Death” Amazon iTunes
Marian Grace – “I Heard The Voice” Amazon iTunes
Josh Blakesley – “How Great is Our God” Amazon iTunes
Of The Tower – “Follow You” iTunes

S4:E9 Catholic Playlist Show – #160

New Release and Artist

Catholic Playlist #160

A new release from NOVUM and the debut of our latest new featured artist highlights this episode of the Catholic Playlist Show.

Episode #160 is pleased to debut a song from NOVUM’s new EP ‘From The Ground’, a 5 track compilation of their latest work. Also in the playlist are many of your favorite artists such as Tori Harris, Lee Roessler, E.P.I.C the Band, John Finch and a classic from Matt Maher. Leading off the second segment of the show is Ricky Vazquez, our new featured artist this week and a track from his EP ‘More Heart Than Sleeve’.

Song List
NOVUM – “Free” Amazon iTunes
Ricky Vazquez – “House of Cards” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Praise to You” Amazon iTunes
Lee Roessler – “How Sweet the Sound” Amazon iTunes
Alob & Emily Wilson – “Mercy Wins” Amazon iTunes
E.P.I.C. the Band – “Life” Amazon iTunes
Tori Harris – “Less of Me” Amazon iTunes
Dante Schmitz – “Shine on Me” Amazon iTunes
Army of Me – “White Flag Flies” Amazon iTunes
Matt Maher – “Hold Us Together” Amazon iTunes
PJ Anderson – “Mercy Mercy” Amazon iTunes
Rachel Ann & Cassandra Acree – “Still I Run” Amazon iTunes

S4:E8 Catholic Playlist Show – #159

Irish Music for St Patrick's Day

Catholic Playlist #159

It’s a special treat for fans of Irish music this week on the Catholic Playlist Show!

In honor of St Patrick’s feast day on Friday, March 17th, our first segment of the show is filled with Irish music. We have Joe Zambon with ‘Irish Jig’, Sythian with ‘Jigsaw’ and Seasons with ‘King of the Faeries’. Of course Ceili Rain shows up too, with 2 songs that should be familiar with Catholic Playlist listeners. We round out the rest of the show with the likes of L’Angelus, Tom Booth, Josh Blakesley, Jackie Bissin and more.

Song List
Joe Zambon – “Irish Jig” Amazon iTunes
Scythian – “Jigsaw” Amazon iTunes
Seasons – “King of the Faeries” Amazon iTunes
Ceili Rain – “The King & I”, “Let Me Find a Way (To Find You)” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Ca C’est Bon” Amazon iTunes
Jackie Bissin – “Touch the Sky” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Hart – “Be With Me, Lord (PS 91)” Amazon iTunes
Katy Blythe – “I Thirst” Amazon iTunes
Mathias Michael – “Song of Grace” Amazon iTunes
Danielle Rose – “Sharing Calvary” Amazon iTunes
Josh Blakesley Band – “Here At The Cross” Amazon iTunes
Alanna Boudreau – “Dismantled by Love” iTunes
Tom Booth – “Sacred Silence” Amazon iTunes

S4:E4-E7 Catholic Playlist Show – #155 thru #158

From Upbeat to Silence for Weeks...

Catholic Playlist Show

It figures. I play up a special episode featuring all ‘super upbeat’ songs, which proved really popular, and then I don’t post a new show for nearly 2 months. From upbeat to silence for weeks…how ironic.

New shows have been produced nearly every week since the upbeat show, and I’ll post some explanation as to why the posts have been delayed soon, but until then enjoy this catch up post featuring 4 shows:

After releasing an “upbeat” theme show featuring all high energy songs, this week we take things a little slower, but only a little. Some of the music in the playlist includes “Coming Home” by Joe Zambon, “Even The Winter” by Audrey Assad, “Even In This” from Josh Blakesley and “Innocent” by Francis Cabildo. Other artists you’ll hear include Out of Darkness, Alob, Kara Klein, Tori Harris, Dave Moore and others.

The process of selecting music for each playlist sometimes leads us to find songs on albums that we didn’t notice before. That’s the case this week as we realized that “Curls” from Katy Blythe’s debut EP ‘NEW’ was a really good song. Same goes for “All I Am Is Yours” by Benjamin Jude and “Lead Me To You” by John Trabbic. Catch these tracks plus more from NOVUM, Mikey Needleman, Taylor Tripodi, Jaime Thietten, Cooper Ray and more.

Lent is underway in 2017 and while we won’t be playing songs with alleluia in the title or in the lyrics (but we might miss one here or there — please forgive!), we will keep playing the best and newest contemporary Christian music by Catholic artists. This week we have title track Undone from Danielle Noonan’s new EP, as well as songs from Alverlis, Kyle Sinkule, Dan Francis, Greg&Lizzy, Marie Miller and more.

The latest release from Chris Bray highlights this episode of the Catholic Playlist show. We debut 2 songs from Chris’ album “Joy In My Heart” in the playlist – “King In His Kingdom” and “In The Name”, and surround them with great tracks from Stefania Elsmore, Dana Catherine, Ike Ndolo, Matt Maher and many more.

Song List
New songs heard in these 4 shows are found below. Otherwise, you can find links to the songs and artists in these show in previous episodes here on the website.

Cody Roth – “Colors Left Unseen” Amazon iTunes
EPIC The Band – “Agape” Amazon iTunes
Danielle Noonan – “Undone” Amazon iTunes
Chris Bray – “King in His Kingdom”, “In His Name” Amazon iTunes

S4:E3 Catholic Playlist Show – #154

A Special 'Super Upbeat' Playlist!

Catholic Playlist #154

Each week we encourage listeners to send us their requests and we receive a number of submissions from artists eager to get their music on the show. But this week we received the following message:

I was disheartened when my husband commented that he would listen to more Christian/Catholic music, but found it “sad” or with an overriding down beat. Can you help my effort to have him discover the love of Christ by creating a super upbeat playlist? He regularly works out at the gym, and i’d love to infiltrate his current playlist with songs from your show! Let’s work together to take the Trinity to the treadmill!

With a request like that we had to do it! So this week the Catholic Playlist goes “super upbeat” with selections from Dan Francis, Delmore, John Finch, Kevin Heider, Matt Maher and our lone female artist in the playlist, Marie Miller.

Song List
Mathias Michael – “Amplified” Amazon iTunes
Dan Francis – “Sing” Amazon iTunes
Delmore – “Spirit Come” Amazon iTunes
Marie Miller – “This Side Of Paradise” Amazon iTunes
Kevin Heider – “All I Want (Love Come Alive)” Amazon iTunes
Bob Rice – “For That Is What We Are” Amazon iTunes
Dante Schmitz – “Uncovered” Amazon iTunes
Ben Walther – “Mighty to Save” Amazon iTunes
Connor Flanagan – “Strong Is Your Love” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Glorify You” Amazon
Matt Maher – “Shout Of The King” Amazon iTunes
Ike Ndolo – “Glorious” Amazon iTunes
Jacob and Matthew Band – “Give Glory” Amazon iTunes
Jeremy and Ryan – “Unstoppable”

S4:E2 Catholic Playlist Show – #153

Catholic Playlist #153

One of great things about a show like the Catholic Playlist is that it features a diverse variety of music genres, from pop to rock to folk to country to even a little hip hop. A distinctly country sound can be found in the second segment of this week’s Catholic Playlist Show. That’s no surprise with songs from Matt Faley and Kyle Sinkule, but Ben Walther will surprise you with “To One”. Don’t miss it and other great music from the likes of Adam Bitter, Dana Catherine, Alanna Boudreau, John Finch and last week’s new featured artist Stefania Elsmore.

Song List
Adam Bitter – “Rest In God Alone” Amazon iTunes
Rebecca Roubion – “Anywhere I Go” Amazon iTunes
Dana Catherine – “My Savior in Me” Amazon iTunes
Greg&Lizzy – “I Won’t Settle” Amazon iTunes
Stefania Elsmore – “All There Is” Amazon iTunes
Ben Walther – “To One” Amazon iTunes
Noelle Garcia – “Wonderfully Made” Amazon iTunes
Emily Wilson – “Beautiful and Yours” Amazon iTunes
Kyle Sinkule – “Saul” Amazon iTunes
Aly Aleigha – “Wrestling Flames” Amazon iTunes
Alanna Boudreau – “Dismantled by Love” iTunes
Matt Faley – “On My Own” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “Praise To You” Amazon iTunes