S5:E3 Catholic Playlist – #187

New Music: Audrey Assad, EPIC the Band, Luke Spehar, Sarah Hart

Catholic Playlist #187

So excited about the playlist this week as we share new releases from 4 artists! New albums or EPs were just released by Audrey Assad, Sarah Hart, Luke Spehar and EPIC the Band, and we have tracks from each to share with you.

Audrey Assad - EvergreenSarah Hart - SacramentLuke Spehar - PilgrimEPIC the Band - Creation-Wave I

First, it’s “Wounded Healer” from Audrey Assad’s new album “Evergreen”. PJ Anderson teams with Sarah Hart on the single “Beloved, Arise” from her new album “Sacrament”. Then there’s the title track from Luke Spehar’s “The Pilgrim” and “Saved by Grace” from EPIC the Band’s “Creation – Wave I” EP, which features a riff from Connor Flanagan. Enjoy!

Song List
EPIC the Band – “Saved by Grace (feat Connor Flanagan)” Amazon iTunes
Audrey Assad – “Wounded Healer” Amazon iTunes
Luke Spehar – “The Pilgrim” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Hart – “Beloved, Arise” Amazon iTunes
Abraham Gross – “Who Am I to You (feat Connor Flanagan)” Amazon iTunes
Dave Moore – “Arise” Amazon iTunes
Matt Maher – “The Cross Forever Speaks” Amazon iTunes
NOVUM – “No Longer Slaves” Amazon iTunes
Vigil Project – “Were You There” Amazon iTunes
His Own – “Nothing Can Separate Us” Amazon iTunes
Katy Blythe – “I Thirst” Amazon iTunes
South by North – “Coming Home (feat Tori Harris)” Amazon iTunes

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  • Kayla

    For the last three playlists, there is no way to listen to the playlist.

    • wjta889

      Oh my gosh! I forgot the podcast widgets in these new posts…great catch! I’ve updated them now so now you can listen to them.