Song of the Week – Feb 16, 2015

Matt Faley

The Catholic Playlist Song of the Week for February 16, 2015 is “Here I Am” from Matt Faley. Matt works full-time in Catholic young adult ministry and uses this platform to share the gifts and talents he has been given to re-invigorate the Gospel for college students and young adults. He uses the art, beauty and transformative power of music and songwriting to speak to the heart of the Gospel, and his honest reflections do not just scratch the surface, but speak deeply to the heart of every person. And the song ‘Here I Am’ does just that, digging down into the core of what it means to be human, down on our knees as ‘weak and wounded’ people. It’s our Catholic Playlist Song of the Week from Matt Faley – ‘Here I Am’:

If you like this song, check out his EP “The Only Light” now on iTunes:

Matt Faley - The Only Light

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