Song of the Week – Aug 18, 2014

New Name

Welcome to the Catholic Playlist Song of the Week! Our song for the week of August 18th 2014 is “My Everything” from New Name. Founded in April 2010, New Name calls New York City home. More than a praise & worship band, New Name is a Catholic young adult ministry, who identify themselves as a Catholic lay community of worship leaders, preachers, missionaries and intercessors. They offer monthly ‘Live 2 Worship’ nights of eucharistic adoration and a yearly ‘Free 2 Worship’ concert event to bring more people to a deeper experience of Christ in their lives. They released their first EP “Live to Worship” in October 2013 and are currently looking to raise funding for their next album. When we checked out their EP, we immediately loved the song “My Everything”. And that’s all we need to make it our Catholic Playlist Song of the Week.

Do you like song as much as we do? Make it part of your own playlist and help New Name raise the funds needed to record a new album! Get their music now on iTunes:

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