Catholic Playlist Worship #84 thru #86

Catholic Playlist Worship

I have some catching up to do. It’s been well over a month since I last posted a show to the website, even though I still produced 3 Worship and 4(!) Playlist shows that have aired on radio. For those interested I’ll post an explanation of what’s been going later. But for now let’s get to the Worship shows!

Worship show #84 dates to February 3rd and features artists include L’Angelus, Liz Christian, The Priests, Sarah Kroger, Michelle Romary and many others:

Worship shows #85 and #86 begin our series of Lent themed programs, featuring music appropriate for Lent. Not every selection fits into the Lenten category, but we put as many as we could into each episode to avoid duplication in subsequent weeks. Episode #85 includes “These Forty Days of Lent” by the WLP Choir, “Ashes” and “Hosea” from Jon Sarta, and “O Vos Omnes” by the Choir of St Ignatious of Loyola. Other artists found in the playlist include L’Angelus, Voces8, Marian Grace, and Annie Karto:

Episode #86 continues with songs like “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley” from Jon Sarta, “Pange Lingua” from The St Cecilia Choir of Girls, and “Per Crucem” by Melinda Kirigin-Voss. Other artists in the playlist include Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, Jaime Thietten, Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, and Angelina:

Song List
Episode #84
Voces8 – “Miserere Mei” Amazon iTunes
Michelle Romary – “Lady of Knock” Amazon iTunes
Simonetta & FourEver – “Attende Domine” Amazon iTunes
Marian Grace – “Ave Maris Stella” Amazon iTunes
Sarah Kroger – “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” Amazon iTunes
The Priests – “Alleluia (Pachelbels Canon)” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “For All The Saints” Amazon iTunes
St Louis Jesuits – “Like A Shepherd” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “Be Thou My Vision (feat Geoffrey Kelly)” Amazon iTunes
Monks of Norcia – “Vidi Speciosam (Responsory)” Amazon iTunes
Jon Sarta – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Liz Christian – “Psalm 55” Amazon iTunes

Episodes #85 & #86
Jon Sarta – “Ashes”, “Hosea”, “Jesus, Remember Me”, “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “These Forty Days of Lent”, “At the Cross Her Station Keeping” Amazon iTunes
St Cecilia Choir of Girls – “Pange Lingua” Amazon
Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles – “Stabat Mater”, “O Sacred Head Surrounded” Amazon iTunes
Melinda Kirigin-Voss – “Per Crucem (By Your Cross)” Amazon iTunes
Choir of St Ignatius of Loyola – “O Vos Omnes”, “Pange Linga (Gregorian Chant)” Amazon iTunes
Jaime Thietten – “O Sacred Head Now Wounded” Amazon iTunes
Andrea Bocelli – “Stabat Mater” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “This Day God Give Me” Amazon iTunes
Dominican Sisters of Mary – “Bride of Christ” Amazon iTunes
Marian Grace – “Sweet Sacrament” Amazon iTunes
Annie Karto – “I Thirst” Amazon iTunes
John Rutter – “The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation” Amazon iTunes
Edwin Fawcett – “Stronghold” Amazon iTunes
Vince Ambrosetti – “Be Not Afraid” Amazon iTunes
Angelina – “The Deer’s Cry (Breastplate of St Patrick)” Amazon iTunes
Jon Niven – “Open The Eyes of My Heart” Amazon iTunes

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