S4:E4-E7 Catholic Playlist Show – #155 thru #158

From Upbeat to Silence for Weeks...

Catholic Playlist Show

It figures. I play up a special episode featuring all ‘super upbeat’ songs, which proved really popular, and then I don’t post a new show for nearly 2 months. From upbeat to silence for weeks…how ironic.

New shows have been produced nearly every week since the upbeat show, and I’ll post some explanation as to why the posts have been delayed soon, but until then enjoy this catch up post featuring 4 shows:

After releasing an “upbeat” theme show featuring all high energy songs, this week we take things a little slower, but only a little. Some of the music in the playlist includes “Coming Home” by Joe Zambon, “Even The Winter” by Audrey Assad, “Even In This” from Josh Blakesley and “Innocent” by Francis Cabildo. Other artists you’ll hear include Out of Darkness, Alob, Kara Klein, Tori Harris, Dave Moore and others.

The process of selecting music for each playlist sometimes leads us to find songs on albums that we didn’t notice before. That’s the case this week as we realized that “Curls” from Katy Blythe’s debut EP ‘NEW’ was a really good song. Same goes for “All I Am Is Yours” by Benjamin Jude and “Lead Me To You” by John Trabbic. Catch these tracks plus more from NOVUM, Mikey Needleman, Taylor Tripodi, Jaime Thietten, Cooper Ray and more.

Lent is underway in 2017 and while we won’t be playing songs with alleluia in the title or in the lyrics (but we might miss one here or there — please forgive!), we will keep playing the best and newest contemporary Christian music by Catholic artists. This week we have title track Undone from Danielle Noonan’s new EP, as well as songs from Alverlis, Kyle Sinkule, Dan Francis, Greg&Lizzy, Marie Miller and more.

The latest release from Chris Bray highlights this episode of the Catholic Playlist show. We debut 2 songs from Chris’ album “Joy In My Heart” in the playlist – “King In His Kingdom” and “In The Name”, and surround them with great tracks from Stefania Elsmore, Dana Catherine, Ike Ndolo, Matt Maher and many more.

Song List
New songs heard in these 4 shows are found below. Otherwise, you can find links to the songs and artists in these show in previous episodes here on the website.

Cody Roth – “Colors Left Unseen” Amazon iTunes
EPIC The Band – “Agape” Amazon iTunes
Danielle Noonan – “Undone” Amazon iTunes
Chris Bray – “King in His Kingdom”, “In His Name” Amazon iTunes

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