#55 – Catholic Playlist Show

Catholic Playlist Music

Thanks for checking out this latest Catholic Playlist, where we pick the best and the newest contemporary Christian music – music exclusively from Catholic artists – for your listening enjoyment.  Who will you discover in today’s show?

Our playlist lineup this week includes music from Chris Bray, Katy Blythe, Out of Darkness, Sarah Hart and Steve Angrisano. Our new featured artist this week is Emily Wilson, and we’re going to start off the show with a set of songs from the performers at this weekend’s Abbey Faith and Music Festival at Daylesford Abbey in Pennsylvania. So if you weren’t able to go or you live too far away, you’ll get a taste of the concert with the first 4 songs in a row from those performing this weekend. Up first is Kara Klein, then Greg&Lizzy, followed by Audrey Assad and then wrapping up with Matt Maher.

Check out the songs from the playlist in iTunes and add them to your collection:

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