Josh Blakesley Band To Make ‘Best Album Yet’

Josh Blakesley BandOn May 29, 2014 the Josh Blakesley Band completed a successful fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding site KickStarter to produce a new studio album. The campaign raised $36,385, exceeding the goal of $35,000, which means that the band can now move forward with its plans of making another self-produced studio album. And this album, the band contends, will be their ‘best album yet’. 182 backers pledged support, including the Catholic Playlist Show. The Catholic Playlist Show also supported Fr Pontifex’s album ‘Symphony and the Static’ back in 2013. We can’t wait to hear their new music and premiere it on the show when it is released later in 2014.

Join us in congratulating the Josh Blakesley Band!

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