“#41 – Catholic Playlist Show”

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Catholic Playlist ShowSo happy to be able to bring you another Catholic Playlist show – the show that plays the best and newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists! The Catholic Playlist is a playlist of music that you’ll find entertaining and inspiring – first time listeners often can’t believe this music is out there from solidly Catholic artists. Now, in this week’s show we’ve got music from John Finch, New Name, Noelle Garcia, The Thirsting and more. Plus we’re bringing back a song from the early days of the Playlist from Ooberfuse, a British group, a little Matt Maher and our new featured artist this week is Army of Me.

Army of Me is Vince Scheuerman who in 2007 injured his vocal cords so severely that it took 2 years for him to fully recover his voice. As one might expect, despair set in as the dream he had worked on for so long fell apart. But as his voice slowly returned, friends and supporters encouraged him to keep going, and now Army of Me’s latest album Searching for You is something that will speak to everyone in its own way. And Searching for You certainly has a story to tell – stories of life and love, finding and losing. And through it all, there is hope. From ‘Searching for You’ we play ‘In My Blood’.

If you have a song request or want to submit music for us to consider for a future show, send it to us at catholicplaylistshow@gmail.com.

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