“#40 – Catholic Playlist Show”

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Catholic Playlist ShowWelcome to another Catholic Playlist show – where we play the best and newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists. We call it the Catholic Playlist because that’s exactly what it is – a playlist of music that you’ll find entertaining and inspiring. In this week’s show we’ve got music from Sarah Hart, Tori Harris, L’Angelus, Jacob & Matthew Band, a double dose of Ike Ndolo, a new song from the Roca Band, and our new featured artist this week is Ceili Rain. CEILI RAIN is an original, innovative blend of pop-rock music with a dash of Celtic/Irish flavor and a subtle, but sincere, uplifting/joyful message. According to their website ceilirain.com, the name Ceili is a Gaelic or Irish word for ‘party’, specifically one with live musicians, dancing, general merriment & all ages crowd. So they see the name Ceili Rain as a ‘downpour of heavenly partiness’, especially when you consider Ceili looks a like Coeli, the form of the Latin word for ‘heaven’! The band currently has 7 recorded CD projects, including their latest release ‘Hymns & Hers’.

If you have a request or want to submit music for us to consider for a future show, send it to us at catholicplaylistshow@gmail.com.

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  • Gene Honigford

    How do I find the correct spelling for the artists you have on the show?

    Stephen Kirk?

    • admin

      We plan on adding an artist bio section to the site, so you find the artists easily and learn more about them. And yes, Stephen Kirk is the correct spelling.