Crowdfunding: RoCa

Another Catholic artist crowdfunding opportunity needs your help! The RoCa Band has posted a Kickstarter project to raise the funds needed to record and produce their first full length album.

According to their profile on Kickstarter, “RoCa started in the first days of Nico Cabrera’s and James Roman’s days at college together. Nico was playing piano in the lobby of their dorm room, James asked to join, and Nico said yes. The rest is history. They are two guys who love good music, philosophy, happiness, and sharing their story with those in need. They have seen darkness and tasted pain, but they’ve also seen the sweetest light in the universe.”

We’ve played music from their EP many times on the Catholic Playlist show and we look forward to checking out their first full length album. But that will only be possible if you pledge your support before the deadline of Nov 22, 2014!

Pledge today!

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