Song of the Week – Sep 8, 2014

Jaime Thietten

Welcome to the Catholic Playlist Song of the Week! Our song for the week of September 8th 2014 is “It’s A Good Day” from Jaime Thietten. Jaime was raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, the second of three siblings. She discovered that through song, not only could she find meaning for her own life, but also inspire and encourage others. Jaime has recorded a total of 7 albums and her latest contemporary CD, Love Along The Way, is where you’ll find “It’s A Good Day”. About the song, Jaime recounts how she “only had one day left to write and record the last song for the record.” She prayed that God would help her to sleep so she could be rested for the next day and also to bring the perfect song. And well, let’s just say that it was a good day, and our Catholic Playlist Song of the Week:

If you like this song, get it here on iTunes and check out her other music too:

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