Song of the Week – January 26, 2015

John Finch

Welcome to the Catholic Playlist Song of the Week! Our song for the week of January 26th 2015 is “Bridge To Your Heart” from John Finch. When John was a child in his hometown of Pearl River, Louisiana, he grew up sitting at the piano spending countless hours crafting his own music creations. All of those hours led to the September 2013 release of his first record, Broken Steeples. In 2014, he went to Nashville to begin creating a new music project and in November released a new single titled “Bridge to Your Heart,” It’s a song of forgiveness and rekindling love through our faults, and it’s our Catholic Playlist Song of the Week – Bridge to Your Heart, from John Finch:

Learn more about John Finch at his website – – or get the music now on iTunes or Amazon

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