Song of the Week – Aug 11, 2014

Fr Pontifex

Our Song of the Week for August 11th 2014 is “Heart of Gold” from Fr Pontifex. Fr. Claude “Dusty” Burns, AKA Fr Pontifex, is pastor at St Philip Catholic Church in Mount Vernon, Indiana, and this song comes from his second album titled “The Symphony and the Static”. Newer listeners to the Catholic Playlist will be surprised to find that Fr Pontifex’s music is hip hop or rap. And while it isn’t the typical kind of music you’d find on Catholic radio, there’s a powerful message for us contained within it that needs to be shared. “Heart of Gold” is about persecution and perseverance, and with the persecution of Christians in Iraq and everywhere around the world, we need to pray and be bold for our brothers and sisters in Christ. As it says in the chorus, “You can bang on these walls but you can’t beat’em down”. Here’s the Catholic Playlist Song of the Week – “Heart of Gold” from Fr Pontifex.

Like this song? Do you have a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter that likes hip hop or rap music? Consider picking up this song for yourself or as a gift for that young person in your life right here on itunes:

Check out the video for “Heart of Gold” too:

“We’re ready to fight but no fists will form, we’ll stand our ground in the raging storm. It’s a place that we go untold, a soul on fire with a heart of gold. Reaching for those in oppression, true love in the world is our weapon. Stand up ‘cause it’s time to be bold, forever livin’ in the heart of gold. You can bang on these walls but you can’t beat em down”

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