S2:E21 Catholic Playlist Worship #64

The Catholic Playlist Worship show returns this week with episode #64 and a playlist of some great sacred and traditional music for your enjoyment.

Some the artists you’ll hear include Jackie Evancho, Anna Nuzzo, Dan Schutte and Vince Ambrosetti. Featured this week are songs from Annie Karto (“How Beautiful”) and Lorraine Hess (“Create a Clean Heart in Me”).

99 Gregorian ChantsPlus we discovered this album and included a wonderful Gregorian chant in the show titled “In Paradisum – Liturgia Dei Defunti E Dei Santi: Dies Irae” from Collana Diretta da Bonifacio, G. Baroffio and Enrico de Capitani. If you’re looking for an album that contains a lot of chant, you can’t go wrong with this one. Right now it’s only $5.99 at Amazon for the entire collection of chants.

Song List
Lorraine Hess – “Create a Clean Heart in Me” Amazon iTunes
Donna Cori Gibson – “Memorare” Amazon iTunes
Vince Ambrosetti – “Come, You Who Labor” Amazon iTunes
L’Angelus – “This Day God Give Me” Amazon iTunes
Jackie Evancho – “Ave Maria” Amazon iTunes
Anna Nuzzo – “Take and Eat” Amazon iTunes
Andrea Bocelli – “Panis Angelicus” Amazon iTunes
Annie Karto – “How Beautiful” Amazon iTunes
WLP Choir – “Holy, Holy, Holy” Amazon iTunes
Dan Schutte – “Here I Am, Lord” Amazon iTunes
Benedictines of Mary – “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” Amazon iTunes
Various Artists – “In Paradisum – Liturgia Dei Defunti E Dei Santi: Dies Irae” Amazon iTunes

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