S4:E11 Catholic Playlist Show – #162

It's Easter Season!

Catholic Playlist #162

We let the alleluias flow this week following our Easter celebration a week ago, signaling the end of Lent and transition to the Easter season. Like we’ve done in the past, we lead off with Cooper Ray’s energetic performance of “Sing Alleluia” and then follow it up with “Sing” from Dan Francis. We’d be remiss if we didn’t include John Finch and Andrea Thomas with a couple of songs from last year’s Vigil Project Series #1 album, and Teresa Peterson reminds us that “He Makes All Things New”. Other artists appearing this week include Marie Miller (she’s got a new album coming out next week!), Fr Kevin McGoldrick, Stefania Elsmore, Emily Wilson, PJ Anderson and more.

Song List
Cooper Ray – “Sing Alleluia” Website
Dan Francis – “Sing” Amazon iTunes
Andrea Thomas – “He Rose Again” Amazon iTunes
John Finch – “I Have Seen The Lord” Amazon iTunes
Teresa Peterson – “He Makes All Things New” Amazon iTunes
Marie Miller – “This Side of Paradise” Amazon iTunes
Stefania Elsmore – “Uncommon King” Amazon iTunes
Fr Kevin McGoldrick – “Jesus You Are Beautiful” Amazon iTunes
Dave Moore – “Promise Land” Amazon iTunes
PJ Anderson – “Mercy Mercy” Amazon iTunes
Emily Wilson – “Beautiful and Yours” Amazon iTunes
Kara Klein – “Way Maker” Amazon iTunes
Ike Ndolo – “Land of the Rising Sun” Amazon iTunes

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