#53 – Catholic Playlist Show

Catholic Playlist #53

Welcome to the Catholic Playlist show, where we bring you the joy of the Gospel through music – by finding and playing the best and some of the very newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists. We have a lot of great music in store for you today – the playlist lineup includes music from Jaime Thietten, Andrea Thomas, Marie Miller, Tori Harris, Greg Andrews, Connor Flanagan and a few others. And if you are a fan of soul and jazz, you’re going to really enjoy our featured new artist this week, Sam Rocha.

Sam’s debut album, titled “Late to Love”, is an original concept album that performs a reading of Augustine’s Confessions through soul music. It is not a generic ode to a saint or holy person, nor it is a neutral and uncontroversial celebration of an important ancient book. From beginning to end Sam offers a bold and fresh reading of Augustine’s Confessions where the form is the content, where melody and verse take the place of assertions and argument. This music is truly something totally new and original.

Here’s an iTunes playlist of the songs included in the show so you can quickly sample and identify songs (and albums!) you want in your personal collection. Please note that some songs may not be available in iTunes.

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