New Featured Artist: Taylor Tripodi

Taylor Tripodi

We are pleased to introduce you to Taylor Tripodi, our new featured artist this week in Catholic Playlist #95. Taylor is a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio and has just released her debut EP – Be Glorified. She started out learning how to play the guitar at 8 years old, and then began writing her own music at 11. She likes to think that her life is just one big song…with lots of ups and downs, mistakes, triumphs, joys, sorrows, and crazy experiences…but, she says, “in every moment, I am convinced that God has been ever-present. The Lord has revealed to me in so many ways His unconditional love through all of my failings and beautiful life experiences. THAT is what I love to write about. I love to write about Him. He has always been there for me at every moment, even when I have turned away from Him.”

“He deserves more than any song I could ever write for Him or about Him, but if I can give Him any praise and show people through my music the one who loves them more than anything else and lead them into a deeper relationship w ith Him, than I will have fulfilled all my dreams that I have for my music.”

TripodiAs for why she wrote these songs and made this album, she says “I want the whole world to know Christ and experience His unfailing love. He is so worthy of our praise, and so, may the Lord truly “Be Glorified” in this music, and may all those who listen to these songs draw closer to His Sacred Heart, all for His Glory!”

Please join us in welcoming Taylor to the Catholic Playlist this week. We’ll be playing “Here I Am” from her new EP “Be Glorified”. Learn more about Taylor at her website – and be sure to add this EP to your own playlist!



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