New Featured Artist: Jeremy and Ryan

Jeremy and Ryan

Our new featured artist this week is Jeremy and Ryan, who both hail from Southern California. This duo met in high school playing in the youth choir at their home parish and went on to form a rock band playing secular music. After achieving some success they discovered how empty that scene was and soon returned to their home parish as directors of the youth choir. They began writing their own original Catholic rock songs and once they saw the difference that their music and words made for people and how it helped others grow in their own faith, they knew that this is exactly what God had planned for them.

Arise EP from Jeremy and RyanJeremy and Ryan released an EP titled Arise in February 2015, and we’re pleased to play ‘Your Love Goes On’ from that EP in today’s playlist.

Arise – EP on Amazon

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  • Jessie

    Have had the blessing to see them play live at the at the Los Angeles Youth Day and their music, energy and love of God is so uplifting!! May God continue to guide them in this journey so they can continue to bless us with their tunes.

  • St. Mary Magdalen

    It’s been a blessing to not only work with these guys but also to know them on a personal level. God is truly working through them! May prayers on this journey that they are on. May they continue to spread God’s word and love through music.

  • Tori La Rocco

    Through their gift of music, Jeremy and Ryan showed me what it means to be excited about my faith. Singing and dancing for our Lord. For that I am eternally grateful. Jeremy and Ryan have become my friends. They are class act who loves our Lord.

  • Squid ward

    Words can’t describe the feeling I get at a Jeremy and Ryan concert. The Holy Spirit floods my entire life in a matter of minutes. Their music makes me want to dance and sing Alleluia! Honestly, if you haven’t picked up their EP yet, you should do so. It is the soundtrack of my life. I LOVE Jeremy and Ryan!