New Featured Artist: Aly Aleigha

Aly Aleigha

We’re pleased to introduce you to Aly Aleigha, our new featured artist this week in Catholic Playlist show #104. We stumbled across her on Facebook last week and once we sampled the music from her debut EP “Jealous Love” we knew we had to share it with you!

A recent graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Aly began leading worship at Mass and other Church events which then progressed into performing on stage. It wasn’t until her senior year at Franciscan things started falling into place for her to consider recording her songs. She remembers praying, “Okay, God, if you really want me to make an EP, I’ll do it–but if it ever becomes about me, take it away. And also, I need a banjo.” After a long search she discovered her answer had been living next to her for the entire year without knowing it!

Aly currently works at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Newman Center under Father Mike Schmitz, and in her free time travels to various parts of the country to lead music and give talks at different events. She’ll be very busy next summer, traveling to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage with Jeff Cavins as the worship lead, and then leading worship and teaching Theology of the Body on a month-long cruise leading up to World Youth Day.

Aly AleighaAly recorded her first EP, “Jealous Love”, at the end of her senior year at Franciscan and was released in June 2015. We’ll be playing the title track from the EP in Catholic Playlist #104, due out on Friday, October 30, 2015. Click the album image to get her EP from Amazon or click here for iTunes.

To learn more about Aly, her music, speaking and more, check out her website, YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram (all of which are under Aly Aleigha).

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