Help Father McGoldrick Make His Music

Fr Kevin McGoldrick

If there was one crowdfunding project you were going to support this year, your wait is over. If you’ve never pledged a dollar to help an artist make their art, now is the time to pledge.

Meet Fr Kevin McGoldrick, a Catholic priest. According to his website, “I’ve been a priest for over 10 years and a musician for over 30. When I became a priest, I thought I would have to give up music. But the Lord gave this gift back to me. Over the past 3–4 years, I’ve entered a new phase in my musical journey. I’m recording my first album, entitled “Square Peg Round Hole,” with the help of some talented and faith-filled musicians in Nashville, Tennessee.” Fr Kevin is a very talented artist and deserves to make his music and have it heard.

But he needs your help.

Visit his project page at IndieGoGo here, find out more about him and make a pledge today.

Don’t wait, just do it. The deadline is July 21st. And then we’ll get to play and promote his music!

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