New Featured Artist: Jeremy and Ryan

Jeremy and Ryan

Our new featured artist this week is Jeremy and Ryan, who both hail from Southern California. This duo met in high school playing in the youth choir at their home parish and went on to form a rock band playing secular music. After achieving some success they discovered how empty that scene was and soon returned to their home parish as directors of the youth choir. They began writing their own original Catholic rock songs and once they saw the difference that their music and words made for people and how it helped others grow in their own faith, they knew that this is exactly what God had planned for them.

Arise EP from Jeremy and RyanJeremy and Ryan released an EP titled Arise in February 2015, and we’re pleased to play ‘Your Love Goes On’ from that EP in today’s playlist.

Arise – EP on Amazon

Featured New Artist: Donny Todd

Donny Todd

Last week in Catholic Playlist #82 Donny Todd was our Featured New Artists. Donny has been creating music with the guitar since he was 14 and began performing in venues shortly after. He joined National Evangelization Teams in 2001 and was chosen as the music leader for his team.

His skills as a musician and writer grew dramatically over that year, that’s also when he began to think of writing Catholic songs. But it wasn’t until 2012 that he really felt called to create an album of Catholic songs.

“Through the years there were people that told me I should write Christian music, but I just didn’t feel it. I would sit down and try to write a Praise and Worship song, but the words would feel hollow. I was forcing myself to do something that’s supposed to be an act of the heart. But one day I just sat down and began to sing this song. I was in a place of shame and was reflecting on my choices and began to ask God”‘Am I the Prodigal Son?” and I was singing it, just singing that line over and over. It became what is now the single on my record called Prodigal Son”

Donny ran a Kickstarter campaign that year that raised $12k through the generosity and support of 134 people to be able to make his album possible.

Kingdom Come from Donny ToddThe resulting album, Kingdom Come, was released April 2015.

“My hope for this record is that it could reach people that don’t necessarily connect with mainstream Christian music. I want it to reach those who are on the fringes of the Church and those outside of it more than even those who are close to Jesus and the Sacraments. I’ve experienced some serious pains in my life and battled some demons and these songs are reflections of those trials. This record is an audio biography of much of my spiritual journey”

Some of the topics addressed in Kingdom come revolve around the Conscience, prayer, mercy, and God’s intense love and forgiveness.

You can check out his album on iTunes, and on his website

Featured New Artist: Dave Moore

Dave Moore

The Catholic Playlist new featured artist this week is Dave Moore. Dave is a Christian Singer-Songwriter who’s passion and heart for God can be seen throughout all his life and music. In his website bio at, he says “I feel that my heart is to unite the people of God by leading them into these moments of intense and deep prayer, where the conflicts of life are forgotten and through song we can just focus on the vertical relationship, God and Man.”

Since becoming a solo artist, he says that he eventually “… realized that the greatest love song I could write wouldn’t necessarily be written for someone on earth, but rather for God. I believe that makes Him smile and that’s in a way what I strive for in my relationship with God… to do things and write things that would “make Him smile…” We hope his music makes you smile too.

For his Catholic Playlist debut, we play ‘Flood Our Hearts’ from the album “The Return”. Dave’s take on the song:

I think this song is relevant as we are dealing with so many crazy political views in this modern day and even amidst people in the church there is so much division… this song basically invokes the Spirit of God to overflow and “Flood our Hearts” bringing us new found Joy, Peace, Love and Charity. It uses phrases like “Give us a pure heart in a world of distractions” or “bind us together when opinion divides us” and “if we turn fix our eyes on you.”

Check out Dave’s music here on iTunes:

Or on Amazon:

And learn more about Dave and his music at his website at

Featured New Artist: Teresa Peterson

Teresa Peterson

The new featured artist this week on the Catholic Playlist show is Teresa Peterson. Based in Philadelphia, Teresa is a singer/songwriter and worship leader who is set to release a new EP titled “Freely Fully” on February 10, 2015. It’s been a journey of perseverance and discovery for Teresa to reach this point in her career. As she describes it, “I had my own idea of how my music was going to go. My career. My path. My future. When that didn’t happen in the way I planned, I thought perhaps God didn’t want to use me. That my dreams were meant to die and stay buried, deep below the ground. But thankfully, our God is a God of resurrection. Our God is a God of hope. Our God is a God of faithfulness. It was in this resurrection process where these songs came from.”

Freely Fully from Teresa PetersonWe’re pleased to debut the first single “Calling Me Higher” from her EP in Catholic Playlist Show #71 coming out on Friday, January 30, 2015. We also had the opportunity to interview Teresa to discuss her background, music and inspiration for the new EP. Catch an edited version of the interview in the show or listen to the full interview:


You can learn more about Teresa and her music at, plus pre-order her music right now on iTunes or Amazon

One more thing – check out the video for Calling Me Higher too:

Featured Artist: Mikey Needleman

Mikey Needleman

Coming up in Catholic Playlist show #70 is the debut of Mikey Needleman’s new single “Gathered In Your Name”. Mikey hails from Kansas City and is the lead singer and front man for the The Mikey Needleman Band. He taught himself guitar first followed by the drums, bass, keys, and any other instrument he could get his hands on. Through his music he has been able to lead others into a place of worship they have never been to before, allowing the Spirit to move in the melodies and engage the hearts of those gathered. He’s no stranger to the Catholic Playlist, as we’ve played a couple of songs from his 2011 release “All For You”.

Your Ways - Mikey NeedlemanHis newest release “Your Ways” from World Library Publications is coming out on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 and we’re pleased to be able to debut a song from it in show #70 – ‘Gathered In Your Name.’ To learn more about Mikey Needleman Band check out their website at

Featured New Artist: Shaun Garrison

Shaun Garrison

We’re pleased to announce that Shaun Garrison is our new featured artist this week on the Catholic Playlist show. Back in August 2014 we told you about Shaun’s Kickstarter project to record his first album, and we’re pleased to tell you that it’s here! Before we go too far, let’s get to know him a little better. Shaun is originally from Pensacola, Florida and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2001. He’s been involved with youth and music ministry at various parishes, along with campus ministry as a FOCUS missionary. Along with being a husband and father to 4 children, one of his greatest passions is music and song writing. On his Kickstarter campaign page Shaun says that “God planted this desire in me about 15 years ago, this inexplicable longing to write and record original music. I’ve been waiting a long time to see this come to fruition. This isn’t just a “fun project” – it’s the realization of a dream, a major life goal.”

shaun-garrison-2As you know his fundraising was successful and on January 1st he released his debut album, titled “Exceeding”. His sound reminds me of All Sons and Daughters, so if you like their music you’ll enjoy this album. For his Catholic Playlist debut we’ll be playing the title track “Exceeding”.

Learn more about Shaun and his music at or right here on iTunes:

Featured New Artist: Cody Roth

Cody Roth

The new featured artist this week on the Catholic Playlist show is Cody Roth. Cody is a singer/songwriter native to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He’s performed at all kinds of events including, World Youth Day in New Orleans, St. Luke’s Youth Fest, and the Diocese of Biloxi Jr. Youth Rally. Cody’s music is a blend of Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman and Dave Matthews Band, with a positive lyric style which aims to draw listeners to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He released a 4 song EP on June 1st of 2014 titled ‘Become a Revelation’, and we’re going to play the title track on the playlist this week.

To learn more about Cody and his music, check out his website at or his music on iTunes:

New Featured Artist: Matt Faley

Matt Faley

Please join us in welcoming our new featured artist in playlist #62, Matt Faley. Matt just released his debut EP “The Only Light” and we are pleased to play a song from it this week. According to his website,, Matt works full-time in Catholic young adult ministry and uses this platform to share the gifts and talents he has been given to re-invigorate the Gospel for college students and young adults. He currently serves as the Director of Young Adult and College Campus Ministry for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and has been in full-time ministry for over five years. Matt also uses the art, beauty and transformative power of music and songwriting to speak to the heart of the Gospel. Just as the love of Jesus is all-encompassing and universal, Matt writes honest reflections that do not just scratch the surface, but speak deeply to the heart of every person. Matt uses the joys, the journey, the suffering and the redemption of his own life in Christ draw people closer to the story written on their own heart.

Matt Faley - The Only LightAnd that certainly comes through in the music on his debut EP titled ‘The Only Light’. We’re pleased to play the title track from his new EP, “The Only Light” in this week’s show.

To learn more about Matt and his music, go to or check out his music on iTunes:

New Featured Artist: Luke Spehar

Luke Spehar

This week on the Catholic Playlist our new featured artist is Luke Spehar. Luke grew up in a small rural community north of St. Paul, Minnesota and began writing music at the age of 16. His time in college was spent discerning the priesthood in the Catholic seminary and recording his first two albums, “Be Still” and “No Other Way”.

Luke decided to pursue God’s will for himself outside of the seminary and began directing his focus and energy on his music, both in composing and performing. He’s traveled the country, performing for audiences of all ages in concert and at various retreats for youth and young adults.

And now he’s just released his third album titled “All Is Gift”. In Catholic Playlist #56 we’re pleased to be able to play a single from this new album called “The Problem”. Check out the video:

To learn more about Luke and his music, go to or at iTunes:

New Featured Artist: Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson Christian Singer

This week on the Catholic Playlist our new featured artist is Emily Wilson. Emily is a young, energetic, and charismatic Catholic musician and speaker who travels the world sharing her faith through witness and worship. It’s interesting to note that while she was attending Arizona State University, Emily began leading worship with Ike Ndolo, a Catholic Playlist favorite, who after hearing her voice and seeing her passion to lead others, invited her to tour with his band. Together they have attended conferences and events all over the country.

The heart of Emily’s ministry though is offering encouragement to young women in their search for their true identity. She is on a mission to draw others to Christ through her speaking and her music that is both prayerful and powerful. In the summer of 2014, Emily released her debut EP entitled “Joy Will be Yours” and with prayerful songwriting, pure vocals, and piano melodies, Emily conveys a message of redemption, worship, and hope.

In Catholic Playlist #55 we’ll be playing the song “Beautiful and Yours”.

To learn more about Emily and her music, go to or here on iTunes: