S5:E5 Catholic Playlist Show – #189

St Patrick's Day Wins the Playlist

Catholic Playlist Show #189

This weekend features the feast of St Patrick on Saturday, March 17, 2018, so we thought some Irish music would be appropriate for the playlist this week. This is the only time you’ll hear this music! Scythian leads off the playlist with “Fields of St James”, followed by “Jigsaw” later on. Seasons gives us “King of the Faeries” and “Dalriada/Song of Saint Patrick”, Joe Zambon offers an “Irish Jig”, and of course playlist regular Ceili Rain is in the mix with “The King & I”.

While the Irish music dominates the first half of the playlist, you’ll enjoy selections from artists like The Mosleys, Audrey Assad, Ricky Vazquez and The Vigil Project.

Song List
Joe Zambon – “Irish Jig” Amazon iTunes
Scythian – “Jigsaw”, “Fields of St James” Amazon iTunes
Seasons – “King of the Faeries”, “Dalriada/Song of Saint Patrick” Amazon iTunes
Ceili Rain – “The King & I” Amazon iTunes
Alanna Boudreau – “Dismantled by Love” iTunes
The Mosleys – “Brighter Days” Amazon iTunes
EPIC the Band – “Free” Amazon iTunes
Audrey Assad – “Little Things With Great Love” Amazon iTunes
Ricky Vazquez – “Maybe” Amazon iTunes
The Vigil Project – “No Words (feat. Cathedral)” Amazon iTunes

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