#94 Catholic Playlist Show

Catholic Playlist #94It’s the 94th edition of the Catholic Playlist show and this week we have a stellar lineup of artists representing a wide variety of styles and sound. We have selections from Josh Blakesley Band, Collin Raye, Sarah Kroger, Shaun Garrison and Teresa Peterson, plus Lee Roessler who’s currently in the studio working on a new album. A request from a listener gave us our lead off track this week, which is Ike Ndolo and one of our very favorite songs “Wade In The Water”. Finally, we have a fun and playful song in the mix too – “Sing Along (Catholic Love Song)” by David Casper. Listen to the lyrics closely and see if it doesn’t have you smiling throughout!

This week we’re also pleased to announce that another radio station has added the Catholic Playlist to their schedule. Please join us in welcoming the listeners of Queen of Heaven and Earth Radio, KQHE 92.7FM in Fairbanks, Alaska to the show!

For those interested in adding some of the music you heard on this show to your personal playlists, here are the iTunes links to all of the songs:

Question: Does your local Catholic radio station broadcast the Catholic Playlist show yet? If they aren’t, let us know the station (ex WJTA 88.9FM or KJCR 1240AM) in the comments and we’ll contact them and let them know that some of their own listeners want to hear the Catholic Playlist!

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  • Scarlet

    I hope Catholic Playlist will air in the Philippines 🙁

  • There is some great music… I wish I could see who the artist is in order to purchase or just to follow. Blessings

    • AJ Coolio

      I agree. I like to listen to the app while running and can’t write down artists and titles. I thought if I went to website I could find a list. Looks like you need an iSomething to get the list.

      • Yea, I listen at work and just have it running all the time. An iSomething that listed the song and artist being played would be cool, but I am sure Jeff has his hands full keeping this going and up to date. During the actual show it isn’t an issue, but again, being at work I miss a lot of details, hence constantly playing it. Its all good though, just thankful that this is available and an outlet for truth and quality in contemporary Christian music from a Catholic perspective. – Blessings