Media Appearance: The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM

Deacon Jeff to be guest on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show

Jennifer Fulwiler Show

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been invited to be guest on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SiriusXM to talk about the current state of Catholic contemporary Christian music and the Catholic Playlist show! Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, October 18
Time: 2:20pm Eastern
Where: The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM Channel 129

You might be wondering how this opportunity came about. Well, it all started when I saw this tweet:

So I immediately jumped over to her Facebook page and commented:

Music Facebook Comment

Within a day or so one of the show producers contacted me through the website to make the invite. Needless to say, I made room in my schedule! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share about all the great music being created by so many talented and gifted artists and give them all more exposure to expand their audiences.


  • If you are a SiriusXM subscriber, tune in to channel 129 at the times listed above. Full shows are also available on demand on the SiriusXM app or web player.
  • If you don’t have SiriusXM satellite radio but would like to subscribe, you can see their most popular packages here. Also, they have a new streaming subscription where you can listen online or through the app if you don’t have SiriusXM in your car!
  • You can also listen to the free highlights podcast. You can find it by searching for The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or you can listen to the podcast online here.

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