Support the Catholic Playlist

Support the Catholic Playlist

Every year Holy Family Radio WJTA 88.9FM in Ohio conducts a Radiothon pledge drive to raise funds for its annual operating expenses to keep it on the air. As a non-profit charitable ministry, Holy Family Radio’s only means of financial support comes from their listeners and business underwriters.

The Catholic Playlist is produced by Holy Family Radio and is provided free of charge to Catholic radio stations and is available for free on our website, by podcast and mobile apps. But it isn’t free to produce. There are many costs associated with producing and distributing the shows, such as music licensing and acquisition, studio production time, web site maintenance and fees, podcast hosting, marketing and more. These costs are over and above the normal costs Holy Family Radio spends to operate the station. So right now the Catholic Playlist show is a drain on Holy Family Radio’s budget – to the tune of about $5,000 a year.

We need your help to change this.

If you enjoy the Catholic Playlist and discovering new artists and music, we ask you to please consider supporting us during Holy Family Radio’s Radiothon pledge drive this week, Monday April 6 through Friday April 10.

All we’re asking for is a simple one-time gift of $10 to help offset the cost of producing the Catholic Playlist. Just click the button below to make your gift of $10:
Donate $10 Now

We’re only asking for $10 from everyone, but if you wish to make a bigger gift to help us do bigger and better things, fill in the blank with your one-time gift and clicking the Submit button:


All of your gifts will enable us to keep the show going and expanding to more stations and a bigger audience.

Thank You and may God bless you abundantly!

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