New Featured Artist: Corrie Marie

Debut Album Coming in 2018

Corrie Marie

In Catholic Playlist Show #188 we’re pleased to introduce you to Corrie Marie, our new featured artist. We found out about Corrie Marie recently as her PledgeMusic campaign was winding down for her debut album. After making a pledge towards the project we were able to sample one of her songs, “Humble Host”, and we knew we had to share this talented artist with you.

The bio from her website says Corrie “is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, where she grew up singing whenever the mood struck and began writing her own songs at 12 years old. She actively started pursuing her music career at 23 when she set aside her day job to lead worship and a couple of years later she wears a few hats as a singer/songwriter, worship leader, and personal trainer. In all these things she finds that the Lord is always teaching her about her own humanity and how to see herself in other people. When writing, elements of the human experience are broken open and it’s in the music that she is able to learn more about God and more about herself.”

“Corrie has lead worship for her parish, Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Ellicott City, Md for the past 3 years and she travels to retreats and conferences to speak and lead worship and has sung for the National ChristLife Conference for the past two years. After winning the David Initiative, a contest by Catholic Creatives, Corrie was the opening act for AbbeyFest in 2017.”

And now, she’s set to release her debut album soon, and we were lucky to get a early peek at one of those songs and it’s perfect for our playlist. Be sure to check out “Humble Host” in the second segment of Catholic Playlist Show #188!

New Featured Artist: The Mosleys

The Mosleys

This week we’re pleased to introduce you to The Mosleys, our new featured artist this week in episode #175 of the Catholic Playlist. Hailing from Florida where they’re music ministers at their home parish, the married songwriting duo of Rachel and Stephen Mosley have managed to nurture their budding music careers while also nurturing their 5 young children.

It all started for them after winning an open mic competition at Zac Brown’s Southern Grounds in Senoia, Georgia. With their studio time prize they recorded their first EP, Beneath the Trees and Stars, in 2015 at Zac Brown’s Crow’s Nest Studio in Atlanta. Since then they’ve been busy playing festivals and stages, sharing the stage with such talent as Liz Longley, Harpeth Rising, and Air Supply, and many others.

The Mosleys Ordinary TimeTheir first full length album titled “Ordinary Time” was released in June 2017 following a successful PledgeMusic campaign. Produced by Phil Madeira and Jimmy Abegg (one of Rich Mullins’ ragamuffins by the way), the album is a slice of Americana folk that fans of the genre will enjoy right away.

And while their music isn’t expressly Catholic or religious in the sense of Christian music, it is certainly informed by their Catholic worldview and contains many themes that resonate with what it means to live the Christian life (You can say the same thing about Marie Miller’s latest album “Letterbox”).

To learn more about The Mosleys, check out their website – And don’t miss reading their blog too, which offers a poignant and sometimes hilarious look into the life of a traveling musical family.

New Featured Artist: Rita West

Rita West

We’re pleased to introduce you to Rita West, our new featured artist this week! If you’ve been listening to the Catholic Playlist for a while you’ve heard her singing before. In April 2016 Rita and John Finch co-wrote and recorded “Heart of Mercy”, a single that speaks to the longing of every human heart for safety and love. We’ve played it many times over the last year and now Rita has released her own EP album “Chosen”, a six original song EP that’s available now everywhere.

According to the bio on her website,, she “grew up in a family of eleven children in New Orleans, Louisiana, where most of her childhood memories were centered around music. But it wasn’t until after high school, when she served as a missionary with NET Ministries that she learned how to play guitar and realized that God had given her a gift that she couldn’t keep to herself.”

“As her love for leading worship grew, the Lord instilled a desire in her to speak and give witness to the deep, personal love that God the Father has for each human person. Since 2010, she’s led worship and spoken around the country for retreats, summer camps, nights of worship, and mission trips for people of all ages. The prayer of her ministry is that, by sharing the truth and power of God’s love through music and witness, others would be brought into a relationship with the Father, where freedom and healing await.”

Please join us in welcoming Rita West to the Catholic Playlist! Catch her debut as we play “Victor” in Catholic Playlist #167, available June 1, 2017.

Follow Rita:

Find her new music here: Amazon iTunes Play

New Featured Artist: Kyle Sinkule

Kyle Sincule

This week the Catholic Playlist is pleased to introduce you to our new featured artist this week, Kyle Sinkule. Kyle is a singer and songwriter from Texas who grew up in a musical household, which had a major impact on his life and helped to shape his career. Kyle first picked up a guitar in the 4th grade and has been obsessed ever since. During his middle school years, his life was full of defining moments:

“I was asked by one of my teachers to play my guitar at my school’s weekly Masses, which I did during my seventh and eighth grade years. However, the turning point in my life was when I was asked to play at Wednesday night Masses at church. I found my best friends at these Masses. We formed a band and played everywhere and anywhere anyone would take us. We practiced for countless hours on end. This is when God told me this is where I should be.”

At just 17 years old he was mentored by professionals in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) business in Nashville, and in the spring of 2015 one of his songs reached #1 on Amazon’s Singer-Songwriters chart. Inspired by this accomplishment, Kyle continued writing and selected six songs to feature on his first EP, titled Walk With Me. Released in May of 2016, the song “Brother” provided the title – one of the verses says, “Brother, will you walk with me?”, and that sets the tone for the journey Kyle wants to take you on in this album; a journey of understanding the mercy, forgiveness, and promises of God.

sinkule-kyle-walk-with-meWalk With Me showcases Kyle’s style which is a unique blend of folk, rock, and country. His song lyrics are inspired by Old Testament Bible stories and the writings of Paul as portrayed in the song we’re featuring in Catholic Playlist #135, “Saul”, a more upbeat song featuring the sweet sound of the mandolin.

You can find more about Kyle’s work and follow his ventures at the following links:


New Featured Artist: Dana Catherine

Dana Catherine

This week we welcome Dana Catherine as our new featured artist in Catholic Playlist #134. Dana is a Catholic singer/songwriter who serves as a youth minister in Raleigh, NC and travels throughout the U.S. to encourage and inspire others with her songs and witness. For as long as she can remember, Dana always loved to sing and began to write songs around the time she was in middle school. Dana often describes the songs she writes as prayers from her to God, and now that she shares these “prayer songs” with others, she hopes to inspire listeners to place all their trust in God and completely surrender their hearts and lives to Him.

dana-catherineDana independently released her debut album, Glorious Horizons, in September 2015. After signing with a new Christian record label, Rekindle Records, Dana recently released her first single, “My Savior in Me,” which she penned after leading Praise and Worship Adoration one night. Dana wrote the song with two thoughts in mind: 1) We are all weak, sinful, and flawed, and 2) God wants to use us to spread His love and life despite those weaknesses and imperfections. The upbeat melody and energized rhythm of “My Savior in Me” certainly convey the joy and hope found in this message, and we think she’s worthy to be our new featured artist this week.

To keep updated on all things about Dana Catherine and her music, follow her on social media:

Twitter: @DanaCatherine_
Instagram: DanaCatherineMusic
YouTube: Dana Catherine Music

New Featured Artist: Dan Francis

Dan Francis

We’re pleased to introduce Dan Francis as our featured new artist in Catholic Playlist Show #133. Dan reached out to us recently to let us know about his music and after giving it a quick listen, we think you will like what you hear too. Especially if you are a Matt Maher fan, because 2 of the songs on his 5 song EP “The Wall” were co-written with Matt.

Dan Francis The WallsThe title track “The Walls” is one of the 2 songs and the other, “No Other Name”, makes the playlist this week for his debut on the show.

To learn more about Dan and his music head over to his website and follow him on Twitter @danfrancisband.

New Featured Artist: Mathias Michael

Mathias Michael

We’re pleased to introduce Mathias Michael as our featured new artist in Episode 2 of Season 3 of the Catholic Playlist Show. According to his webiste at, music has always been Mathias’s passion, and after attending a Matt Maher led worship concert, he knew contemporary Christian music was something he wanted to do. He began writing his own music and his big break came at the 2011 National Catholic Youth Conference when he won the first ever “Top Talent” competition.

Mathias Michael AmplifiedNow recording with a new independent label, Rekindle Records, he’s released his latest album entitled “Amplified”. For his Catholic Playlist debut we play the title track from the album, which you can hear in the latest Catholic Playlist at the start of the second segment of the show at about the 20 minute mark:

To learn more about Mathias and his music head over to his website at and follow him on Twitter @mmichaelmusic.

New Featured Artist: Aly Aleigha

Aly Aleigha

We’re pleased to introduce you to Aly Aleigha, our new featured artist this week in Catholic Playlist show #104. We stumbled across her on Facebook last week and once we sampled the music from her debut EP “Jealous Love” we knew we had to share it with you!

A recent graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Aly began leading worship at Mass and other Church events which then progressed into performing on stage. It wasn’t until her senior year at Franciscan things started falling into place for her to consider recording her songs. She remembers praying, “Okay, God, if you really want me to make an EP, I’ll do it–but if it ever becomes about me, take it away. And also, I need a banjo.” After a long search she discovered her answer had been living next to her for the entire year without knowing it!

Aly currently works at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Newman Center under Father Mike Schmitz, and in her free time travels to various parts of the country to lead music and give talks at different events. She’ll be very busy next summer, traveling to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage with Jeff Cavins as the worship lead, and then leading worship and teaching Theology of the Body on a month-long cruise leading up to World Youth Day.

Aly AleighaAly recorded her first EP, “Jealous Love”, at the end of her senior year at Franciscan and was released in June 2015. We’ll be playing the title track from the EP in Catholic Playlist #104, due out on Friday, October 30, 2015. Click the album image to get her EP from Amazon or click here for iTunes.

To learn more about Aly, her music, speaking and more, check out her website, YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram (all of which are under Aly Aleigha).

New Featured Artist: Fr Kevin McGoldrick

Fr Kevin McGoldrick

One of the best parts of doing this show is discovering new music being made by talented Catholic artists. Well, there’s no questioning the Catholic background of our new featured artist this week – Fr. Kevin McGoldrick.

Fr. Kevin has been a Catholic priest for over 10 years and a musician for over 30. When he became a priest, he knew it meant that he’d probably have to give up music. But the Lord had other plans, and over the past three to four years he’s entered a new phase in his musical journey. Following a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Fr Kevin’s debut album “Square Peg, Round Hole” is a bluesy and joyful work of art with 10 amazing songs that bring the true, the good and the beautiful right into your ears.

Kevin McGoldrickReleasing sometime in October, “Square Peg, Round Hole” is available for pre-order right now on iTunes and Amazon. We happened to get our hands on his music a little early because we supported his fundraising campaign last year, and now we’re excited debut “Jesus You Are Beautiful” in our 100th show special! Look for the show out now on the Catholic Playlist mobile apps and iTunes podcast and to be posted here tomorrow!

To learn more about Fr Kevin go to, and pre-order his debut EP “Square Peg, Round Hole” now at iTunes or Amazon!

New Featured Artist: Taylor Tripodi

Taylor Tripodi

We are pleased to introduce you to Taylor Tripodi, our new featured artist this week in Catholic Playlist #95. Taylor is a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio and has just released her debut EP – Be Glorified. She started out learning how to play the guitar at 8 years old, and then began writing her own music at 11. She likes to think that her life is just one big song…with lots of ups and downs, mistakes, triumphs, joys, sorrows, and crazy experiences…but, she says, “in every moment, I am convinced that God has been ever-present. The Lord has revealed to me in so many ways His unconditional love through all of my failings and beautiful life experiences. THAT is what I love to write about. I love to write about Him. He has always been there for me at every moment, even when I have turned away from Him.”

“He deserves more than any song I could ever write for Him or about Him, but if I can give Him any praise and show people through my music the one who loves them more than anything else and lead them into a deeper relationship w ith Him, than I will have fulfilled all my dreams that I have for my music.”

TripodiAs for why she wrote these songs and made this album, she says “I want the whole world to know Christ and experience His unfailing love. He is so worthy of our praise, and so, may the Lord truly “Be Glorified” in this music, and may all those who listen to these songs draw closer to His Sacred Heart, all for His Glory!”

Please join us in welcoming Taylor to the Catholic Playlist this week. We’ll be playing “Here I Am” from her new EP “Be Glorified”. Learn more about Taylor at her website – and be sure to add this EP to your own playlist!