About The Show

The Catholic Playlist show, produced and distributed by Holy Family Communications, Inc, was created by Jeff Compton, General Manager of WJTA 88.9FM to address the overall lack of contemporary music on Catholic radio. There is some music here and there – like just before the top of the hour – or coming out of a break. But that’s it.

It’s always bothered us that in the 24 hour day of broadcasting that there wasn’t a show available to play a little music. Especially when music can be remarkably attractive to teens and younger adults. We already knew there is an unmet need by some of our listeners for us to play some music. For example, we know some people who switch over to the non-Catholic Christian radio stations when they want to hear music – and some, perhaps many, never come back to Catholic radio.

And some people have told us that they would listen to Catholic radio MORE often if they could hear some good Christian music. So armed with a desire to provide some music to keep people listening and to attract and draw in listeners who wouldn’t otherwise consider listening to a catholic radio show, we created the Catholic Playlist show.

The Catholic Playlist show is a one hour radio show AND on demand podcast show playing great Christian music from a variety of Catholic artists. And that’s an important distinction because it’s not called the Catholic Playlist show because it’s being played on a Catholic radio station.


It’s the Catholic Playlist show precisely because it plays music performed by artists who are Catholic.

And we discovered a couple of things while putting this show together:

First, there are a LOT more Catholic artists out there making and performing great music.

Second, the artists LOVE the show because it gives them more exposure to an audience they are trying to reach and energize, namely Catholics.

Third, they are pretty much shut out of the Christian radio market because nobody will play them
The Catholic Playlist show features many styles and genres of music popular with today’s adults ages 18 and up. Some of the artists featured on the Catholic Playlist include Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, Josh Blakesley, Jacob & Matthew Band, Jackie Francois, Tori Harris, Ike Ndolo, Steve Angrisano, Sarah Kroger and many, many more. Many episodes feature a new artist or promote new releases, which is why the artists we play love the show.

But that’s not it. We are taking advantage of all the distribution channels that are available to us, not just radio. That’s why we built the show to be both a radio show and a podcast show, so that we could provide more channels of distribution and options for delivery of the show.

The Catholic Playlist show is available and fully promoted on social media through Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/TheCatholicPlaylist), Twitter (@CatholicPlaylst) and is podcasted here. We also offer iPhone and Android apps for the Catholic Playlist show!

Music on Catholic radio. Listeners want it. We Delivered it. The Catholic Playlist Show.

To get the Catholic Playlist show for your radio station or for more details, contact us at catholicplaylistshow (at) gmail.com.