New Featured Artist: Luke Spehar

Luke Spehar

This week on the Catholic Playlist our new featured artist is Luke Spehar. Luke grew up in a small rural community north of St. Paul, Minnesota and began writing music at the age of 16. His time in college was spent discerning the priesthood in the Catholic seminary and recording his first two albums, “Be Still” and “No Other Way”.

Luke decided to pursue God’s will for himself outside of the seminary and began directing his focus and energy on his music, both in composing and performing. He’s traveled the country, performing for audiences of all ages in concert and at various retreats for youth and young adults.

And now he’s just released his third album titled “All Is Gift”. In Catholic Playlist #56 we’re pleased to be able to play a single from this new album called “The Problem”. Check out the video:

To learn more about Luke and his music, go to or at iTunes:

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